Monday, July 17, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 23 Review: Over the Rainbow!

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 23 and what happen after Pikario has been restored to normal or did it?

Yukari: Trying to act tough? I am more than you can handle!

Apparently Pikario didn't become a goody two shoes after purified instead he still hate Ciel for what he has become and she took it really hard as she was responsible for what he has become. Ciel ran away and sulked herself in her kitchen.

Pikario continued to add insults to Ciel and everyone thought he was getting way out of hand however Pikario showed everyone that he can never create any Kiraru filled food due to his corruption and hate of Ciel. Ciel took it hard and had a mental breakdown. Noir immediately took this opportunity to corrupt her.

Noir trapped Ciel in a black sphere and Ichika and Pikario rushed in before it was flowing in the sky. At the same time, a worn-out Biburi beg for Noir to give her one more chance and he merged her doll with her into a giant creature.

The remaining four girls battled Biburi while Ichika and Julio/Pikario found Ciel falling into despair. Ichika asked Julio to recreate the waffles again and he reluctantly create it. Ichika who also transformed, buy Julio enough time to make the waffles and he presented to Ciel. She took a bite and somehow there was enough Kiraru energy from the waffles to restore her.

Julio was pierced with an arrow! For Sunday Morning Kids' show!

Ciel reawakened with a new resolve and rushed to create her new animal sweet. Everyone fought to hold back Biburi but not before Noir fired an arrow at Ciel and Julio sacrifice himself to save her. Ciel finally created the Pegasus Parfait and she transformed into Cure Parfait!

I don't know why, I feel kinda of sorry for Biburi...Maybe I have a thing for broken female characters...

Cure Parfait held Julio in her arms and he gave the black star staff to her which changed into the new Rainbow Rod. Together with the girls, they finally defeated Biburi who was flung into the ocean.

However Pikario is dying and bid farewell to everyone before disappearing...not knowing the secret room from the cave is glowing...

Did we have a new scriptwriter for this episode? I am actually enjoying this episode which has the same vibe similar to how Haruka and Kanata freed Towa from Dyspear and she was given Kanata's violin to become her new weapon.

Usually a former antagonist who was purified by the Precures will be back to being good but for Pikario, it was different. Even though he was no more crazy psycho from last week, he is still the arrogant jerk who hate his sister, Ciel/Kirain and he is not really wrong. Seeing how he can never make normal food again as he is too corrupted to come back, Ciel took it very hard and Noir took this chance to corrupt her.

(See, Maho Tsukai! This is how you make a villain menacing. It might be weird for the final boss to be proactive but when he make a move so early in the series, you know things are going to get real!)

Even though we have a really colorful battle with Ciel becoming into Cure Parfait but the price was too heavy as Julio/Pikario paid the ultimate price and died! (For kids!) Cure Parfait's debut battle is perhaps the best usage of the Candy Rod without pulling a punch although it is really one side for the four remaining girls to face a power-up Biburi with a stick. (Toei, make them physical!)

Overall, a great episode for Cure Parfait's debut! We also get a new ending song which is fun and catchy. Next episode, Ciel now transferred to Ichika's school and hi jinks ensues! A new villain that is tough looking! Let's see how Ciel integrate with the five girls to become a new team! Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. First, Ex-Aid with a chilling, but awesome fight at the end of episode 39. Now, this...

    Things got darker pretty fast, huh?

  2. Why not just make Ceil the new leader of the Precures?

  3. Called it!

    I'm curious as to how will the show go from there. I hope he stays dead as it could bring up an important question. What do they value the most?