Monday, April 3, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 9: Cookies and Pandas

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 9 and today is all about  Love, Cookies and Pandas!

Basically the Kira Patisserie is portable since it can turned into a small hand case and carried around. With that, the girls tried to find a suitable place to start their business. From a busy traffic street to a field of domestic cows, the girls couldn't find a good spot.

But when the Patisserie was placed in front of a Childcare Centre, a young man, Tatsumi who was looking for the best cookies in town saw his childhood crush, Midori who was working at the Childcare Centre.

However Tatsumi was tongue tied seeing Midori and ran off. The girls later found out Tatsumi has a crush on Midori since elementary school. (After feeding him with sweet pastries) Midori offered him to share her cookies during their school field trip which is the reason Tatsumi is looking to get the perfect cookies as a gift for her.

Ichika decided to make some cookies for Tatsumi and he went to see Midori. Of course, the villain, Cookacookie tried to steal the cookies but the girls quickly dispose of him easily.

The girls watched as Tatsumi tried to confess his love for Midori but he screwed up his lines. Instead, the girls invited them to the Patisserie with a zoo theme and the two of them enjoyed some cookies together...

Although seeing the girls trying to find a suitable place to do business was funny in the beginning, the plot of this episode was pretty typical for a Precure series. Tatsumi who couldn't even muster the words to his crush, Midori was expected

The girls actually help to get their relationship going by setting up a zoo theme in their Patisserie which make me think this episode remind me of those old mahou shoujo series in the 80s like Minky Momo where efforts was make to help the people in distress and it paid off in the end.

In a way, the girls are actually helping people rather than themselves which is the most basics rule in Mahou Shoujo or any Henshin heroes series which is helping people in distress. Sure, Ichika is the one who came up with the ideas since she understand how food can bring people together but did the other girls did anything when Tatsumi left in disappointment the first time around?

Yes, I agreed there is slightly more focus on Ichika at the moment but she didn't do everything on her own. Her friends also help in the making of the cookies so it is still considered a team effort. The battle which I agreed is still lacking but the girls did used their basics powers to their advantages like creating walls or ropes to help one another.

Overall, the episode was okay and I like the ending since the girls did manage to push Tatsumi and Midori's relationship to at least to a friendship level. Next week, why is Yukari and Akira are competing each other? Until then, see you in the next post!

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