Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 11 & 12 Review

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 11 and 12!

Episode 11: Since most of you have watched the episode, I will just go straight to my thoughts. Overall, it is a good episode since it developed Ichika's relationship with her father, Genichiro. He was a little overreacting in the beginning since Ichika refused to go to the Sweets Festival with him like they always does every year.

But like what Yukari said to Ichika later that Genichiro does care for Ichika since his wife, Satomi is still overseas so the responsibility to take care of their daughter weight on him. (It will actually make more sense to have this episode during the Father's Day period but we probably will get a Mother's Day related episode as a Precure tradition)

Of course, the big development is the battle against Gummy and his comrades and the introduction of Julio and the Candy Rod. For once, fighting a mash up version of Gummy and his comrades was tough for the girls and Genichiro's love for her daughter also pushed Cure Whip to her limits.
The big power up was pretty interesting and unexpected since it involved the townspeople to give their Kirakira energies to the girls. (Which should be reserved for Final Boss Finale but whatsever)

Their final attack which is called 3,2 Wonderful Ala Mode remind me of Heartcatch Original attack with the spinning of their Rods although being crushed by a giant size cake is bound to give anyone a bad case of Sugar Rush.

With that, Julio who was watching everything afar begin his next scheme...

Episode 12: Julio disgused himself as transfer student Kuroki Rio and joined Ichika's class. He won the hearts of his peers but his real target is Ichika as he keep on asking things about Ichika and her love for sweets.

Later Gummy and his fellow spirits asked for forgiveness and they were treated to sweets by the girls. Gummy also explained that they were tricked by a masked man into wearing the Black Star belt that corrupted them.

Finally Ichika's friend, Risa wanted Ichika to make cupcakes and Rio tagged along to see the Kira Patisserie. The others were skeptical about Rio especially Yukari and Rio mentioned to Ichika that he does not know how to make pastries.

However during the stirring of the cream, Rio was able to give correct instructions on the mixing which surprised Ichika but Rio was unable to explain how he knew that claiming it was just "common sense"

Later Risa was preparing to eat the cupcakes when Rio extracted Kirakira energy from her which somehow Ichika was able to hear Risa's screaming. (Enhanced Rabbit Hearings?) The girls arrived to find not Rio but Julio and he created a sword filled with Dark Kirakira energy to battle the girls.

The girls were no match for Julio's skills until he fired a special beam at Cure Whip which she suddenly remember the stirring method that Rio taught her earlier. She countered the beam with her own attack (Which I still don't know what is called) and the girls quickly finished off the sword.

Julio retreated but now is obsessed in defeating Ichika/Cure Whip...

After Episode 11 gave us a "hearty" experience, this week's episode is what Maho Tsukai Precure should have done-Giving us a real adversary to face for the girls. Julio or Rio is a textbook example of Sociopath. He put up quite a front, acting as the perfect student to his peers but deep down, he is twisted and obsessive in defeating the girls. (Sounds like the perfect candidate for a villain turn to good later in Precure tradition?)

We do know that Julio was the one who corrupted Gummy and his friends and later in the battle, Cure Whip saw the exact same Black Star on Julio's sword. Unlike tradition Precure villains, Julio actually extracted the Kirakira energy from humans to create new powers which bear the question whether will there be a monster of the week for this season?

I am suggesting of course that Julio is working for someone higher up and he himself is a victim of brainwashing. Furthermore, his claim of never making pastries raise suspicious as he was able to give proper instructions in the cream mixing. So there's a high chance he might turn good later in the season...

So I am guessing now the girls are using the Candy Rod like swords instead of using their fists. Smart move, Toei to find a loophole but seriously Toei, you got to give names for the girls's attacks!

Overall, a good episode as we begin the Julio Arc and look like Himari is the focus for the next episode as she overcome her shyness in reporting the news?! Until then, see you in the next post!

P/S: Thanks to everyone who send me questions and comments. It was fun answering back to you guys! I will consider doing some anime series depending on my own schedule! I can't make promises but will try to do something to make the blog better!


  1. The attack is called "Whip Decoration"

  2. I think Cure Whip's Candy Rod finisher or special move is named "Whip Decoration", which is a fitting name. Also I think the Precure used their Candy Rod as guns or wands rather than swords, cause even in close range, Cure Chocolat still tries to shoot Julio instead of just hitting him with it, and not once did Julio's dark sword physically made contact with the rods.

  3. - acting as the perfect student to his peers but deep down, he is twisted and obsessive in defeating the girls. (Sounds like the perfect candidate for a villain turn to good later in Precure tradition?)

    if you watch or read mahou shoujo manga/anime enough you can say julio will turn to good and become ichika Love Interest (i hope close still stay around haruka in noble adademy after give up fight with her)

    about mahou Orba pretty much is the girls real treat (he try everything to defeat them) but is a shame that he get easy defeat by didn't have physical fight.