Monday, February 27, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 4: Let's Mix It Up!

Kira Kira to you! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 4 and our three girls actually learned something about cooking and teamwork.

(I am just going to express my thoughts since a lot of you had watched the episode already)

With a first glance, I thought this was a filler episode but rather it is more of character development. After promising to see a friend performing her ballet recital, the three girls decided to make cream puffs for their friend, Mariko.

But the girls realised it is actually pretty hard to make a perfect cream puff as they are pretty delicate to bake. The girls did failed several times and Himari and Aoi gave up, leaving Ichika all disappointment which basically the girls' first trial coming together as Precures.

Given a guess that the three girls only knew each other about a few days doesn't make them best friends forever yet. Ichika is an amateur cook, Himari just come up with theories and Aoi is a rock singer so it is pretty clear that the three girls are not going to success the first time around. But it is also brought up a point that the three girls does not know each other strength and weakness well enough. Doesn't mean you are all Precures does not make you a strong team yet.

Although Mariko did give a pep talk to Ichika about remember the first time you truly enjoy, I find it a bit chessy given that in the end, all the girls have to do is just have fun and doing it correctly to get the perfect cream puff which by the way, I don't remember seeing a cream puff that is shaped like a swan in real life. (If it does, please tell me how you do make the dough rise like that)

This week villain is an another new character, Shukuri which is a pun for Sugar Cream in Japanese. Shukuri goes around town eating all the cream puffs and aimed at the girls' cream puff. He absorbed the cream puffs and became a giant. Although he is tough but after the girls' lessons of working together in the kitchen, the girls combine their attacks to create a Multi-Color Drill (Feel the color of the Rainbow in Drill Form!) and defeated Shukuri.

The girls then gave Mariko the newly Swam Cream Puffs which she enjoyed it. The final scene has the three girls finally cross path with Kotozume Yukari for the first time...

Overall, it is a good character development for the three girls although they took almost the whole first act to make the cream puffs which I hope this is not a recurring moment as it might be fun to see the girls making their recipe once or twice but I hope more could be focus on the characters inner psyche and the main plot which I hope once Yukari and Akira joined, the real story can truly begin.

With Yukari joining the team next episode, I hope we get to see how she fit in with the rest of her juniors as based on the preview, she seem to be Miss Perfect with a cool flair.. Can she accept Ichika, Himari and Aoi since they are full of flaws? See you in the next post for the outcome!

P.S: The new trailer for Precure Stars came out after the episode ended. It looked nice seeing it is switched from traditional cell art work to CG art work was pretty good. Kana Asami as the movie character, Sakura was sweet but it was seeing Go Princess Team (Awesome Cheer) and Maho Tsukai (Small Cheer) back in action that make it awesome.

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