Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 2: Little Miss Custard!

Kira Kira to you! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 2! Let's see how Arisugawa Himari become the 2nd member of the team!

There is an old man inside the oven...

After Ichika encountered Elder and the newly formed Bakery, (I will be calling it the Secret Bakery from now on) the Elder explained a bit of how all food contain "Kira Kira" energy and they need the legendary Patisserie Precure to save the world. Ichika agreed to be a Precure since her dream is to become a Patisserie.

Later, Ichika met Himari during class break and found her reading a book titled "The Science of Sweets" however Himari was too shy and fled like a squirrel! Ichika and her meet again to buy the limited Pudding however they let a little girl have it instead.

Pekorin suggested to Ichika to make her own puddings instead and she dragged Himari to the Secret Bakery. However Ichika has no experiences in making puddings and failed in her attempts. Himari couldn't take it anymore and explain how to make a proper pudding. Her talk actually lasted the whole afternoon which Himari was embarrassed and ran away.

Although we do know that Himari has a problem of getting carrying away which her peers dislike it and she was regarded as a loner. The next day, Ichika went to the library and borrow the same book that Himari had and tried to make pudding again.

Himari saw her working hard on it and offered to help her. Both of them finally make a nice looking pudding and Ichika make a Squirrel like Pudding for Himari. Suddenly, another general, Purupuru arrived and sucked out the Kira Kira energy from the pudding.

Ichika immediately transformed in front of Himari and face off Purupuru. After learning from Pekorin and Elder, Himari wanted to help as she doesn't want to lose a friend like Ichika. The squirrel pudding react to her and she was given the Squirrel Pudding Badge and Sweet Pact and transformed to Cure Custard.

Using her speed, Cure Custard managed to bind Purupuru and Cure Whip purified him with her whip cream attack. After the battle, the two girls enjoyed the puddings together as two new friends...

A New Eyecatch!

Himari is a bit like Yayoi who is shy however very knowledgeable especially when it come to sweets and her favourite Pudding. However she can go all "Professor" mode and her talk can last for hours. But the bigger issue was her past when she got carried away in her explanation and her peers changed the subject as they were unable to catch up with her. It actually cause Himari to become an Introvert and unapproachable since she is afraid that she will hurt herself or her peers.

But Ichika being Ichika didn't mind it and both of them successfully make the pudding. Himari's resolve after seeing Cure Whip trying to protect her and the pudding actually awaken her powers and became Cure Custard. Furthermore being the smallest and fastest like real squirrels, she actually used her skills to confuse Purupuru to bind him before Cure Whip defeated him.

The other interesting thing was the goddess that appeared in both the intro and the opening act. I am suggesting that she could be the queen that rule the Sweet world and Elder is hiding all the details of what really happened in their world and why Gummy and his comrades are attacking Earth. Although the running gag will probably be everyone will freak out that Elder looked like a ghost since he lost his physical body and cannot move outdoor since the Sun will disintegrate him.

Overall, Himari was all right as a yellow Cure and I hope we get to see how she used her knowledge to aid the team in the future. Next week, Tategami Aoi is next and how does this wanna-be rock singer become Cure Gelato which I am wondering..what does Lions and Ice Cream have in common? Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. Maybe Cure Gelato is an parody to Paddle Pop Ice Cream mascot, the both are lion and both like to eat ice cream (I'm sure Aoi also like it)

  2. If you're seen "Ojamajo Doremi," you can see this new season is a major homage to that old series. A lot of the animation style reminds me of that old series.