Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 1: Whip up a Creamy Storm!

Kira Kira to you! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 1! Let's see how Usami Ichika and her team fare as this year's Precure Team!

We get a flashback of young Ichika watching her mother preparing a Strawberry Shortcake and how she enjoyed it with her parents. Move to present day, Ichika is excited as her mother is coming home after an overseas stint as a doctor and went to buy ingredients for her cake.

An explosion happened at the hills behind her town and whip cream started falling from the sky. Oddly enough, Ichika and four other girls saw different sweets and deserts in the sky. Later Ichika tried her best to make a cake with little success when suddenly a fairy crashed into her window.

"Sorry Ichika, there is this boy who has rubbery skin, a talking reindeer, a cyborg in a Hawaiian Shirt and a singing skeleton which I have to take care of." (Ichika's mother voiced Nico Robin from One Piece)

The fairy introduced herself as Pekorin and she ate Ichika's failed cake. Ichika decided to try again to make a new cake and with some guidance from Pekorin, she actually succeed in making a good cake. However Ichika's mother called her on the phone and apologise she can't come back and it upset her.

Suddenly an evil creature named Gummy stole the "Kirakirau" energy from the failed cakes making them all dark and inedible. Pekorin immediately fled with Ichika's latest cake with Gummy chasing her behind. Ichika followed and wanted to surrender the cake to Gummy but after remembering her mother's love in making the cake for her, she broke in tears and refuse to hand over.

The cake created a barrier around Ichika and Pekorin in which Pekorin ordered her to finish decorating the cake. Ichika created a Rabbit Strawberry Shortcake and it turned into a Magical Sweet Token and Sweet Pact. She then used it to become Cure Whip.

It actually make sense as the air pressure is very strong when descending from high altitude...

Cure Whip was amazed by her new abilities like being able to jump very high and has heightened hearing and senses. She also her new attack which is spraying Whip Cream all over Gummy and he reverted into his original form.

After the battle, a box that resemble a shop landed on Ichika and Pekorin and it started talking to them...

Kids, remember to brush your teeth after eating! (A Cute Eyecatch)

Well, I basically just describe the first episode to you. What I think about it? It was okay for an introductory episode and Ichika is quite all right for our main lead although I have to get used to her voice since Miyama Karen sound very similar to Nakajima Megumi's Cure Lovely.

So already the first episode, it is kinda of depressing for Ichika since she was expecting her mother to return home from overseas and received the disappointment news from her mother. She nearly surrender the cake to Gummy but like a rabbit, Ichika spring back to being positive which I am guessing how she was chosen as a Precure (Which I am suspecting it has something to do with the five girls seeing the various sweets in the sky while everyone else didn't)

Cure Whip was all right since we get to see her full transformation and her attack which I was wondering anyone wonder that Gummy was actually defeated by large amounts of white cream. If this show was shown in the AT-X channel (Japan's anime cable channel that aired mature shows) and the girls were actually covered by large amounts of white cream...I don't have to tell you what this mean. If you don't, go and google it.

We also get an insert song from Ichika doing the cake making scene which include live action footage. Not only that, after the episode preview, we got a short clip of how to make a real Strawberry Shortcake which now I have a strange craving to get one now.

Gummy remind me of Close who is all loud and arrogant which I originally thought he was just a lackey who go around stealing "Kirakirau" energy from food. Instead he actually used the energy to become a large version of himself and not once but twice. Although we will be getting Monster of the week in the upcoming episodes since there is no way Gummy will used the same tactics every week. (It will get bored very fast)

Overall, it is still early to tell how Kira Kira Precure will do for this year but hopefully it will be better (or decent) than Maho Tsukai Precure. Next episode, Arisugawa Himari make her appearance and it looked like she has her own issues before becoming Cure Custard. Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: Thank you everyone for contributing your comments on how to make Maho Tsukai a better show. I know the show is over but it was fun to see how the fans viewed Maho Tsukai overall.


  1. I'd give it at least six episodes to determine if the new season will be good. After all, "Suite Precure♪" took about six episodes to start to really "click."

  2. I hear Kaiba Seto Voice in Ichika Father, Pekorin Voice is familiar but i cant recognize her.

    1. Pekorin's voice is done by Kanai Mika who voiced Tifa from Gundam X, Vanilla and Normad from Galaxy Angel.

    2. I remember that Name for Satoko in higurashi no naku koro ni.

  3. i just dont get why everyone seems to hate on mahou tsukai. it overall was as good as go princess if not better.

  4. this anime like magical doremi season 3, if you look at the theme and their wand