Monday, October 10, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 36 : Honey Bee Trap

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 36 Review and Oruba's assistant Chikurun begin to spy on the girls and their secrets!

Basically Chikurun spying on the girls after noticing a pillar of light in their home. But Chikurun was caught eating the pancakes and he pulled a fast one claiming to be a spirit. Of course, being the dumb girls they are, they take his words for it and they became friends.

After learning about Morufun's connections to the girls, Chikurun lured her to a trap and Oruba immediately caught hold of him. The girls arrived thanks to Mirai remember the field of flowers that she used to go with Morufun.

The battle was pretty straight forward with Oruba claiming that today is just a test of their powers and retreat. Chikurun was asked by the girls not to reveal their secret identifies not knowing it is all part of Oruba's plan...

I felt a bit disappointed with this episode since it focus on Mirai and Morufun's relationship and how she treasure Morufun a lot. I was expecting the two of them having a disagreement and Chikurun took this chance to trick Morufun but no, it was just a simple luring trap and Oruba caught hold of Morufun.

Chikurun was not interesting since he was lured by honey and pancakes in the first place. I am pretty sure that after spending some time with the girls in future episodes, he might have a change of heart and betray Oruba. Otherwise for now, I don't feel invested by him. Oruba claimed he is testing the girls' powers which I hope he does something evil to defeat the girls otherwise his disclaimer is just a ball of crap.

Next episode, the girls returned to the magic world to help the Headmaster pick up oranges?! I am pretty sure there is an evil being residing in the Sun and they now want the girls to pick oranges? Who wrote such an episode anyway? As you can tell, I am pretty disappointed of how the story has been going so far. (Which I probably will have a good time to roast this season once it end)

Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: It might not be a big deal but my blog has reached the one million views mark after six years! I know it doesn't seen much but I can't believe I am still doing this blog after six years. I thanked everyone who have supported this blog from it's humble beginning. Despite many ups and downs, I preserve till this day! Sure, this blog will probably be known for doing just Precure episodes but it was all of your people who visited and supported this blog that it make it possible!

Thanks to you all! Let's make it two million views as our goal!


  1. Then I bid you "Congratulations" for the record of views you received. Your reviews of Anime are good and cool too. ^^

    Now, about this episode, I felt the same. I expected more and to me this one is weak.

    However, the only thing I loved is the beginning! The scene of the pancake thief and Mirai's sadness and anger is really funny, cute and cool! Especially when both Mofurun and Mirai make their scary glares at the seized Chikurun (Whoa! I never thought of seeing them like that)! XD

    If any of you viewers want, here's the link of this scene! ^^

  2. Congratulations, and I'll also will keep reading your blogs for your weekly Precure episode review.

  3. (I was expecting the two of them having a disagreement and Chikurun took this chance to trick Morufun but no) You know that would be a good Idea, But Toei has dumbed the franchise down for kids so, I'm hoping Marvel Comics/Studio buy's the rights to the Pretty Cure Franchise so they can make stories that will be more for a bigger crowd.