Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 35 and Ep 36 Review

Hi everyone! I am back! As there are a lot of shows to catch up and I want to tell you how I feel about last week and this week Happiness Charge Precure episode. So I will just mention all the highlights in brief and what I think overall.
Ep 35: I felt Yuko getting her Innocent form was basically what she is doing on a regular basics which is making candy, delivering the food and getting self satisfaction from her customers. Her reason in getting Innocent Form was slightly better than Hime's episode but overall not much of an impact like said how the Smile Precure team got their Ultra Form in desperate situations. To me, it felt like a regular episode of Precure with the Innocent Form being pushed at the last minute in order to promote how the Shining Make Dresser's features worked.
Ep 36: Everyone is preparing Megumi's birthday a day before and her father has come back from overseas. Megumi is still concerned about her mother's health although she claimed she is still all right. On the actual birthday, Megumi had a pep talk with Blue he gave moral support for her.
Oresuki crashed the party (It is his birthday too) and turned everyone into one big Saiark. Cure Lovely gave a speech of how she will keep moving to help others no matter how hard it will be and she got her Innocent Form. Her Innocent Form's attack is called Lovely Powerful Kiss which is still an immobilise spell like the others. (Seriously, is there any offensive powers?)
After defeating the Saiark, Cure Lovely tried to make peace with Oresuki but he refused. Later, Megumi thank Blue for the pep talk and even gave him a hug. Seiji saw it and was very jealous. Queen Mirage too saw Megumi and Blue thru Deep Mirror which she want to make use of it...

I was expecting Megumi's parents to be the focus of this episode since they got turned into a Saiark along with everyone else. However they only have one scene with Megumi which is pretty weak. Even though Megumi was very concerned with her mother's health, there wasn't much weight in it like say for example Kaori suffered a relpase during the party and Megumi has to race against time between saving her mother and battling the Saiark, it will make a better episode rather than the usual speech of being yourself and getting the Innocent Form. I do think that the Shining Make Dresser is probably the most easiest power up item to grant the girls new powers.

Of course, we have to mention about Seiji getting jealous seeing Megumi and Blue hugging each other (Which is a misunderstanding by the way.) It is just a matter of time before Queen Mirage or Deep Mirror lure Seiji to the dark side and destroy Blue and Megumi.

Next week, Iona's sister Cure Tender is back!? It can't be or could it? See you in the next post!

P.S: I completely forgot about Ep 6 and 7 of Sailor Moon Crystal! This is what happen when you have a show that only aired twice a month! That review will be up soon together with my thoughts of the new Autumn shows!


  1. Mr. Aino are half Filipino. PLEASE BE Half Filipino!

  2. I really wnat to see next episode's week, I mean, How will they resolve the come back of C. Tender??

  3. The embrace between Megumi and Blue is a misunderstanding? It would be nice :(! Exactly how I feel Seiji: Pretty damn sad!