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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Ep 12 FINAL-The Biggest Family

Yuuta and Sora decided to tell Hina the truth of their parents' deaths. After Miu has comb Hina's hair, Sora explained to her that their parents are not coming back which upset Hina.

She want her parents to come and see her performance during the daycare centre open house. Yuuta promise to be there but Hina claimed he is only an uncle.

Three days later, Nimura saw Sora at the park and she explained Hina have returned to the daycare centre but withdraw herself from the other kids. Nimura also told her that Yuuta was also upset when Raika told him he can never be the girls' father.

Miu came by and the girls went to pick Hina. Along the way, Miu told Sora that last night Hina was talking to her bunny doll promising herself that she will never cry again.

That night, Sora read the letter their uncle addressed to Yuuta and quickly hide it when he returned. Yuuta told her he is leaving early tomorrow which she trailed him the next day.

She finally saw Yuuta at their parents' graves and he finally make a decision. Sora stop him saying that she want Yuuta to be with them forever. He replied that it was what he too wanted. Suddenly Yuuta's Aunt and Uncle arrived at the graves too.

They decided to let Yuuta to take care of the girls longer and he asked his aunt why she didn't stop him the last time they met. She told him that it remind her of how Yuri stood up for Yuuta when their parents passed away.

Yuri looked cute in a sailor uniform!

Yuuta and Sora walked back home when he finally has an idea to cheer up Hina. He recalled that Yuri came to his parents' observation day in school and she make an good impression to all his classmates. He decided to use the same idea and went straight to his club.

Congratulations! You won Raika as a Wife!

Yuuta approached Raika and he now understand what she meant about not being their father. She meant that he can only be a surrogate father and Yuuta finally pop the question-He want Raika to be his wife for a day which she agreed.

Finally the day for the daycare open house was here. Yuuta and the other two girls saw Hina onstage feeling nervous. Raika was beside him and she gave moral support. Suddenly Nimura, Sako and everyone from the apartment and the town centre came to cheer on Hina. She was touched and give her best performance.

So Yuuta, you want Raika as your wife?

Or Sora as your Wife?

A few days later, Yuuta returned home and the girls gave a surprise party for him. However Miu rushed for a nature call, Hina want to eat the cake and hurt herself and Sora want to change to a better dress. Yuuta was forced out to the balcony and he yelled "Listen to Papa's Words!"

Yuuta's Aunt and Uncle gave him the title deed to the girls' old home. They started moving their belongings with the help of Nimura and the others. Yuuta and the girls bade farewell to Sawako and Kurumi and all the town centre's people.

They took the train and finally arrived at their new home...

Finally the completion of my anime reviews for 2011! So what I think of this show? A mixed bag to be frank. The outline story is pretty interesting but nothing that great. It has been done before in sitcoms and family dramas but I think for an animated version is rare as death in the family is a taboo and consider that Hina is only 4 years and she has to experience it was quite a challenge for Yuuta.

Let's first started with the main 4 characters. Yuuta is not Mr Wonderful and he has to juggle school, work life and taking care of the girls all at once which is tough. But his determination, the support of his friends and the girls make him work for another day. It was finally rewarded with Yuuta's uncle giving them a place to stay which is the girls' old home. After all the hazards he went through in 12 episodes, he deserves a break.

Sora may look like Haruhi in terms of appearance but her personality is a mixed bag. Being the eldest, her responsibilities is the biggest. She always hide her feelings and putting up a strong front. She has a crush for Yuuta but I can see it is just puppy love. Yuuta treat her more like a younger sister which I hope it can be resolved in the future.

Miu is the fun loving type. Being in the middle, she take care of Hina and also support Sora. She see more things which make her the more alert one in the group. Her own episode also show she want freedom like any girl her age but she realised in the end, her family matter her the most. Hina is the sweet tooth for anyone. You can be the most cold hearted person but Hina can melt your coldness in an instant. Everyone who met Hina is touched by her innocence and cuteness.

Raika, Nimura and Sako are the most interesting group of supporting characters. Nimura is a ladies' man but he take care of Yuuta like a big brother. Sako is the comic relief with Raika slapping him senselessly. Raika which is voiced by the wonderful Horie Yui is great with her monotone voice and speaking in one syllabus or less.

For a slice of life show and not using too much fanservice was a good direction for this show. If there was too much fanservice, it can go really bad. The last three episodes were pretty serious and it show how real people in real life might encounter-The loss of a loved one, the possibility of separating and how to accept setbacks and move on.


The show may have ended with Yuuta and the girls moving to their parents' home but their bond among them will forever be strong. Let's wish them well and hope to see them in better times in the future!

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