Sunday, October 2, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 35 : Vote for Student Chairman RIko!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 35 Review and today Riko become a nominee for the next Chairman of the Student Council!

Because of Kotoha's big mouth and peer pressure from her friends, Riko decided to become a nominee for the upcoming Chairman election for the Student Council. Despite being popular at school and people are supporting her, Riko knew very little on what is expected of her if she become the Chairman.

Fellow Classmate Yuto is also joining the election race and even though he has little support because of his introvert character, he know what he want to do if he become the chairman in which he asked the same question to Riko which she was stumped at it.

At the same time, Oruba send his Bee companion (Not sure of his name) to spy on the girls and discovered that Morfun is the key for the girls' transformation during their battle against Benigyo and her Don Yokubal. The battle was mediocre other than Cure Magical seeing Yuto trying to protect the flowers during the fight.

After the battle, Riko decided to step down from the election after realising that she doesn't really know how to take care of the school as a Student Chairman and want everyone to support Yuto since he know how to take care of the school in which everyone agreed and Yuto accepted her offer...

This episode is both good and bad. Riko knew very little of running a student council and it was because of the rest of the girls who pressure her into becoming one. (Thanks girls for making Riko panic like a chicken in this episode) In the first place, Riko has yet to find her own goal in life after Rizu's peer talk so what make others think that Riko is ready for such a position?

You know if this isn't a Precure show, this scene could be mistaken for a regular School Romance Series...

Looking at their campaign, you can tell that Riko isn't really doing anything to promote herself but it was her friends who are doing the talking. Yuto might be introverted but he does take care of the minor things in school like the flowers and the library. He even know how to resolve problems between fellow sports clubs which Riko knew little.

The battle was pretty standard but with Oruba finding out about Morfun and his Bee companion saw a ray of light at Mirai's house (After the new decor entered the Rainbow Chariot), at least Oruba is making plans to take down the girls unlike Benigyo who just send a random monster in this episode to attack the girls and failed badly.

As seen in the next episode preview, Oruba begin his attack to kidnap Morfun while his Bee companion is spying in Mirai's house to know more of their secrets. Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: This week's episode isn't that interesting which is why I don't have much to talk about since this is more of a set up episode for next week. Anyway, have you guys seen some of the new shows that are out already? Tiger Mask W looked fun with a retro feel, Time Bokan 24 is very funny but the one which I am pretty sure people are talking about is Maho Shoujo Ikkusei Keikaku since it has been described as a Madoka Magica Clone. There are lot more shows coming later this week so hope you keep on watching!


  1. Maho Shoujo Ikkusei Keikaku is unlike Madoka Magica. Sure it is dark or maybe more so, but the deaths (yes, there are deaths, you should expect that) are more gruesome than in Madoka.

    If I want to compare what series similar with Maho Shoujo Ikkusei Keikaku, that will be Kamen Rider Ryuki, except less stupid.

    1. There was also Mai Hime, but it had such stupid ending that it made me dslike series, i hope Keikaku won't repeat that mistake

  2. The Bee's name is Chikurun if I recall correctly.