Sunday, September 25, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 34 : First Love is like an Ichigo Melon Bun!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 34 Review and Mayumi has a crush on a handsome male student!

As this week's episode implies, Mayumi had a crush with a male student from another school after he helped her in the rain. The girls decided to help her which in all seriousness, the girls didn't do much to help her.

In fact, it was Kana who actually supported Mayumi more. Given now Kana is on a quest to prove that witches and magic does exist, she has been on a "Witch Watch" around town and she was able to find Mayumi's crush immediately.

Mayumi decided to write a love letter for her crush and even told Rico of how supportive Mirai was when she help her find her hair pin after school. (Which amounts to nothing really only that Mirai likes to help people but we knew that long before already)

However Mayumi found out that her crush has a girlfriend and even though he thank her, she was upset about it with Kana consoling her. But then Shakinsu arrived and challenge the girls which it was hilarious that the girls refuse to fight and walked away.

Of course, this episode need a battle so the girls battle a Don Yokubal and got the Ruby Decor to enter the Rainbow Chariot. In the end, Mayumi got over her crush and an Ichigo Melon Bun fell from the sky and she saw the silhouette of the girls flying on their broomsticks.

But not before we were introduced to a new general-Oruba and his little bee sidekick and he claimed that they should find the girls' weakness in order to take them down...

Basically, what this episode is what most people experience before which is First Love. Mayumi's behaviour was perfectly normal for her age and her friends did their best to support her. As I said before, the girls tried to help Mayumi but did little as they tried to use Cathy the Crystal Ball for help but it was Kana who quickly find out where Mayumi's crush is from which school.

Kana in fact is now proving to everyone that magic and witches exist and record every sighting on a notebook. Wait till she find out that her friends are magic users in the end, she probably be cursing and swearing herself for not realizing it sooner.

Mayumi finding out that her crush has a girlfriend was not much a issue since her contact with him was a one-off incident so the sooner Mayumi she knew the truth, the less painful the pain is. Kana was the one with Mayumi till the end of the episode since the girls had to battle a Don Yokubal out of obligation. Seriously though, the generals just appear out of nowhere without any plot or scheme and expect a victory against the girls? No wonder this seasons' generals got defeated so easily...

However with Oruba making his appearance and voiced by Sugiyama Noriaki, (Sasuke of Naruto series and Emiya Shiro of Fate Series) it looked like the tables might change since he supposedly is the smart one. (Which I hope so!)

Next week, Riko was encouraged to become the next Chairman for the Student Council which she become a nominee and her opponent is Yuto from the same class. Until then, see you in the next post!

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