Sunday, August 14, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 28 : Save the Fireworks!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 28 Review and the girls are racing against time to save the Festival Fireworks!

Takoyaki or Popcorn?

The short version is the magic flowers that was supposedly used for the night fireworks were dying despite the Sun is shining although the viewers will know that it was probably Deusmast that is affecting the entire Ecosystem.

A suggestion from Mr Issac to get a similar breed of flowers spring the girls into action with Mirai, Kotoha and Emily looking to find the flowers and Riko, Jun and Kei finding more details about the flowers in the library. This make me think why in the entire school these six girls went to get the flowers and the rest of the students didn't offer to help them? I mean, more hands can get things faster but then we won't have any character developments if that happened.

But that is the flaw of this episode! The search for the flowers was not a dangerous one since nothing really happened when gathering the flowers. It was only when they were returning back to the school premises, Mr Genie appeared and just randomly created a Don Yokubal to hinder the girls.

I really don't understand what is the security of this magic school? If you know that there are dark forces attacking the school on a regular basic, shouldn't there be some kinda of defences against it? My god, Hogwarts has better security than this!

The fight scene was really bad in my opinion. For a team that is called Maho Tsukai, the focus should be using magic to fight offensively or defensively but so far, the way the girls are fighting is really no different from previous teams. Sure, the girls does use the various Linkle stones to assist but it was more of a distraction rather than being effective. (Go and watch some episodes of Go Princess and you can tell that the girls are very creative when using their Princess keys and compared it to Maho Tsukai)

I am not sure but I am noticing a pattern in Precure is that usually the girls will be in some trap and the villain started tauting them and that will make the girls more angrier and they will used their will powers to break free and defeat the villain in one sweep. The last few episodes has been following this trend recently. This episode is no different after Mr Genie threw one of the flowers away and the girls went all berserk and overwhelm the Don Yokubal.

I am not saying that you can't have such moments in Precure but this type of moments should be saved for dire situations like the fate of the world or facing the big bad. Not every time we have to go all "Super Saiyan" just because the villain did something to piss the girls off.

Guys and Gals, you can tell that I am kinda of disappointed with the last few episodes and the way Maho Tsukai is going, I am very worried of this seasons' future. I am now having the same feeling that I have when I reviewed Happiness Charge which is this season has no tension, the villains has no personality and there is no final objective the girls are heading.

Sure, we will probably know what is the connection between Kotoha and a giant field of pink flowers in the future and Deusmast coming to Earth to do some damages which I hope that he do something that is equivalent to a Big Bad otherwise he might end up being a one-trick pony like Dokuroxy.

Fairy Godmother Riko?

Next week look like a weird episode since everyone is role playing a character from Cinderella and Morfurn is Cinderella? What is going on? Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: If you like this episode or Maho Tsukai in general, more power to you. I am just disappointed with how the series has been going so far which I hope the story will get better (and not going downhill) in the near future.


  1. Well...
    I admit that this season is not as I expected as much as the others.
    Although I like the Pretty Cures, Mofurun and some nice episodes, they are still not enough to make this season among the good ones.
    I agree with you about the lack of the girl's main goals and the destinies and purporses of the villains in this season.
    Still, I'm going to watch it just for fun and curiosity.
    And Holy Towers, I'm having a feeling that the next episode will be weird, funny and pretty crazy! In fact, we all have seen lots of "Cinderella Episodes" in some seasons of the past, such as Smile Precure (which I really like that one ^^).

  2. Meh, talk about a total letdown in this "summer festival". More downvotes for Mahou Tsukai Precure. :p

    • It's a bright, sunny day for the summer festival, Der Principal is chilling down… :)
    • ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! How come the summer festival of the Magical world is a parody of the traditional Japanese summer festival?!! Even though this is a JAPANESE children show, you can't convince us that the Magical world is so Japanophilia it just copied its summer festival from Japan!!
    • First the frozen oranges, now the "firepowder flowers", I guess this is foreshadowing how Felice's role will be instrumental in solving the upcoming crisis…
    • … Or not. Maybe dial for Cure Rosetta or Cure Flora, or just call the whole Heartcatch squad here.
    • HOORAY!!!! AT LONG LAST, MUH SWEET LIZZIE IS FINALLY BACK FOR THE PLOT!!! <3 (Really a relief because I thought the writers had killed her off since episode 19. Phew!)
    • A substitute for the "firepowder flowers"? The whole Magical world will soon be engulfed in fire…
    • … WOW, WHAT A PLAN. So Mirai, Hanami & Emily are to search for the "firepowder flowers" with Riko, Jun & Kay assisting them by flipping books in the library, AND OTHER STUDENTS & TEACHERS ARE JUST GONNA SLACK OFF?? I really need to question the creditability of the Magical school as a learning institution… -_-"
    • Hanami, as a fairy who was born in a flower, how come you couldn't spot the variants of the "firepowder flowers" and needed info from Riko? Shame on you. >_>
    • LIZ, you should stop slacking off too, you need to contribute to the plot after your mysterious absence for so long! Same apply to you both as well, Der Principal & Frau Headmistress!
    • Here comes the Lamp-genie to assume the weekly villain role for the weekly minions!
    • … Good lord, I know that Toei likes to nerf the combat capability of late arrival Cures, but this is just absurd. Seeing Felice being pinned down so easily without much effort is just ridiculous!
    • The trend is rolling on AGAIN! The Cures got ticked off and suddenly received a power boost to beat back the weekly minion.
    • If Emerald Reincarnation & Diamond Eternal are the only potent moves to finish off their "tougher" fights, then Mahou Tsukai Precure seriously need proper power buff-ups.
    • YAY the fireworks are ignited… so is there any difference compared to the ones on Earth…?
    • Dear writers, you're really hell-bent on (and currently succeeding in) making Liz as useless as possible. She really did NOTHING in this episode. So much (hopeless) hope for her return… Bye-bye Lizzie, see you again in 10 more episodes and hope you becoming plot relevant once again. ;_;

    • The Cinderella syndrome continues to run in the Precure universe, this time it's Mahou Tsukai Precure's turn to embrace it. -_-"
    • I'm fine with Der Principal as the prince, but Mofurun (not Mirai) as Cinderella is a guaranteed nightmare fuel…