Sunday, August 21, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 29 : Cinderella the Awkward Version!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 29 Review and the girls were transported to the world of Cinderella or should I said Morfurella?!

I am a Hippe not a Translator!

How to begin with this episode? For starters, I am suspecting that the Linkle Emerald might be sentient since it was the cause of getting the girls and Morfurn into a dream version of Cinderella. Although there was a pay off at the end as the girls found the new Rainbow Chariot next to them but the journey to getting it might cringe some viewers.

It was nice to see back the three Dark generals appearing and playing as Cinderella's step family which clearly two of them were in the wrong gender and they were in characters all the way leading to one very awkward moment during the fight scene later. (Hint: Gamets's words to the Headmaster)

This is Weird...

Morfun playing Cinderella is an odd choice but I guessing Toei doesn't want to make the same mistake they did when they have Megumi and Blue in very awkward situations and it drag on like some K-Drama. The girls were, the most part kinda of useless until the fight scene since it is the Cinderella story and the Prince which is played by a young Headmaster only has eyes on a Flurry Talking Bear in a dress.

The fight scene if you can call it turned into a dancing number with Gamets falling into the water and the other generals claimed he can't swim. But Gamets is a turtle, right? I though turtles can swim? Morfurn who is also in character asked the girls to save Gamets since she or he (I don't know) is family to Morfurn.

Morfurn just rewrote the Cinderella Story..I wonder how Smile Precure will react to it?

The last scene also hinted that Morfurn might be the key to something important as she created the Rainbow Chariot in her dream which became a real thing at the end. Although what is the purpose of the Chariot is still remain to be seen.

Kotoha is clearly getting all the dumb vibes from Smile Precure's Miyuki.
Overall, I really have nothing much to say about this episode. It clearly showed that Toei is just lazy in their writing after the excellent Go Princess and to promote the Rainbow Chariot in such a manner might be interesting but it does lead to a few awkward and cringing moments for the viewers. Sure, such goofy episodes do happen not just in Precure but also Kamen Rider and Super Sentai so as to lighten the mood as in all, it is still a kids' show.

Next week, I am not really sure what the story is about since the girls are about to return back to Earth but not before Mr Genie battle them one more time. Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. Cure Up! Rapapa! Show my comment!

    To be sincere, although I prefer Smile Precure's "Cinderella Episode", this episode turned out funnier, nicer and cuter despite of its ridicule plot to me. In other words, I thought I would dislike it very much, but I didn't.
    I mean, it's not a very great episode, but I think it's enjoyable with the ridicule things and funny moments that are acceptable.

    One fact that I really REALLY liked is Riko being the Fairy Godmother and that she acted a bit more like the protagonist rather than Mofurella! ^^
    The beginning and ending of the Pretty Cure's transformation is funny to watch as well! XD

    About the next episode, well, I don't know wht to write about it after watching this one, so let's see how it will be.

  2. You're telling about Toei(TRoLLei) lazy writing attemps?
    Have you watched Kamen Rider Ghost? It's a Spiritual mess of a story...