Monday, August 8, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 27 : A Change in Weather!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 27 Review and the girls returned to the Magic School and just in time for the Summer Festival!

When the girls arrived back to the Magic School, they reported back to the Headmaster and learn that the Linkle Stones were holding more secrets that they are unaware of. After Kotoha showed off her magic in school, the students were amazed by her magic and started crowding them.

Kei, Jun and Emily welcome back the girls and they do not believe that Kotoha was Ha-Chan before. After a hearty meal in the cafeteria, (which include Mirai, Kotoha and Morfuru eating like Son Goku from Dragonball) they learned from the fruit store seller that the magic oranges are unavailable due to the change of weather climates. (Which we will find out why later)

Later Mirai and the headmaster had a talk under the Magic Tree when Mr Genie appeared and claimed that his master, Deusmast is coming to Earth and is currently residing in the Sun. Mr Genie then created a new Yokubal called Don-Yokubal to attack Mirai and the headmaster.

At the same time, Riko and Kotoha arrived and with the power of the Linkle Emerald, they phase though Mr Genie's barrier and transformed with Mirai. Although the battle was tough which include Cure Miracle taking a barrage of balloon bombs in the face and still intact. (Precures are tougher than tanks!) They defeated the Yokubal and Mr Genie proclaimed that this is just the beginning...

So now we have a new status quo as the girls will be facing Mr Genie, the more powerful Don Yokubal and the new big bad, Deusmast for the second half of the series.

Finally after 27 episodes, we finally have male magic students in the school! I was starting to wonder if the magic school only enrolled females. Although I have a feeling that the girls won't be staying long in the magic school since they are only here during the Summer holidays.

Looking at Kei, Jun and Emily barking orders to the students who were crowding in the series, it seems they had more command and orders in the school now which is kinda of surprising since I don't remember the three stooges did anything significant to gain such authority?

The scene at the cafeteria was funny as Mirai is eating like Son Goku, Morfuru was chowing cookies non-stop and Kotoha is enjoying her corns. Although Riko didn't admit it, she was having a large sandwich which if you watch the end credits, Riko is actually concerned of her weight.

The unavailable magic oranges was a plot point since it was Deusmast affecting the Sun and in turn, the climate changes as explained by Mr Genie. With the new Don-Yokubal which are truly scary now unlike the previous two Yokubal types that are goody and silly, the girls were having a tough time.

Although we have Cure Miracle's speech of never giving up which cement her role as team leader, I kinda of face palmed when she went straight on to a barrage of balloon bombs and still survive. I know Precure can survive ridiculous amount of abuses from explosions to high attitude falls but I don't see the point of her going all kamikaze to prove what point? To prove she can take abuses? Or secretly she is a Masochist? (You are not Darkness from Konosuba, Cure Miracle!)

With new enemies appearing, can the girls handle the new threat as the Magic School celebrate the Summer Festival at the same time? Find out in the next episode! Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: By the way, where is Rizu Nee?!


  1. Good review as always, thanks. I wonder if anybody will attempt to stop Deusmast before he awakens or "comes to earth" but knowing how tv works, probably not. They'll just let him grown and get more powerful until he awakens and threaten to throw the sun at the earth, lmao

  2. "By the way, where is Rizu Nee?!"

    Dear kragito, I can understand, the lack of Liz in the show is just criminal. And if you managed to read the spoilers of episodes 28-31, then brace for more lack of Liz. :(