Sunday, July 31, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 26 : Runaway Flower!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 26 Review and Kotoha decided to run away after a nightmare!

When Kotoha had a nightmare of Yamoh defeating Cure Miracle and Cure Magical and he swore to hunt her down for the Linkle Emerald. Later Kotoha learned about gratitude from Mirai and Riko who make breakfast for the whole family which she make cookies (without her magic) for Mirai and Riko.

The next morning, Kotoha took some belongings and left a note of goodbye to the two girls. Morfurun caught up to her and asked what has happened to her. Kotoha explained about the nightmare and she does not want anyone to get hurt because of the Linkle Emerald. When Kotoha ate the remaining cookies and it tasted salty and wondered why did Mirai and Riko claimed it is good. (Maybe the girls like salty cookies?)

But Yamoh arrived and decided to turn himself into a giant lizard creature and trapped Kotoha in his stomach. The girls arrived and started battling Yamoh but he is too strong. Kotoha wanted the girls to run as she don't want them to get hurt and asked why did they lied about the cookies.

Cure Miracle and Cure Magical explained they love her like family which touched Kotoha and awaken the Torubillion Ruby stone. (Is that the right stone?) Kotoha broke free and also joined in the fight. Cure Felice then used the Tourbillion Ruby to create a shield and she alone defeated Yamoh who finally reverted into a lizard. After Mr Genie mocked Yamoh for his failure, the three girls decided to return home with a stronger bond...

This episode had some tense moments unlike the last two episodes which Kotoha was killing with her innocent smile. Kotoha is not dumb and knew that Yamoh will hurt her down till the end of the Earth in order to get the Linkle Emerald and he will hurt her friends.

So Kotoha decided to make some cookies by herself without using her magic and mistaken salt for sugar. (Common Cliche in making food) Though the girls didn't complain on how the cookies didn't taste bad and their reason later was kinda of simple and not awakard. Seriously, if the cookies were given to someone not related to Kotoha, they will probably complained how bad it was. But then, this is a kids' fantasy show so realism is out of the window.

I am actually surprised that Yamoh is defeated midway through the season. You will think that perhaps he will at least survive till about 3/4 of the season but no, Yamoh is defeated and reverted into a lizard like the previous generals. The battle itself was okay although Cure Felice using the Tourbillion Ruby isn't that fancy since it is just a shield.

I am starting to think if the villains in this seasons are very weak compared to the last few seasons before since now the initial wave of villains are gone and Mr Genie is taking over without any rhythm or reason.

Overall, the episode is all right and with Yamoh gone, Mr Genie decided to take charge to attack the girls as they returned to the Magic World for a school function. Until then, see you in the next post.


  1. The pink stone is called the Pink Tourmaline. :)

    1. didn't we already have that Linkle Stone. are we just reusing it?

  2. Bro nice review so far. Keep it up.