Sunday, July 10, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 23 : From a Different Angle...

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 23 Review and Ha-Chan or should I say Hanami Kotoha is finally back with the girls!

Continuing from last week, the two girls were too happy to see Ha-Chan again although Ha-Chan has difficulties remembering what happened to her after she send Kushi's soul to rest. But she did mentioned of hearing a voice and seeing what looked like an ocean of flowers.

The rest of the episode is basically Ha-Chan exploring the world in a different point of view with hilarious results. When she saw a cat, she immediately try to follow it and fell down, thinking she can still fly.

A more funny moment was Ha-Chan literately creating a flying broomstick using the wand of from the Linkle Smartbook and Riko's expression was priceless. However Ha-Chan lose control of the broomstick and landed where Yamoh is and he is worshipping a make shift Dokuroxy straw man.

Yamoh was tempted by Mr Genie, Rabu to continue his revenge on the Precures and to find Dokuroxy's remains. When Yamoh was teased by some kids, he got mad and created a Super Yokubal which Ha-Chan tried to stop it but she is unable to transform for reasons unknown.

The girls arrived and transformed into Topaz form. But the girls are being pushed back and Ha-Chan rushed to save them which of course in Precure cliques, it meant that Ha-Chan need to have the courage to protect the one she cared.

With that, Ha-Chan transformed and defeated the Super Yokubal in no time. When the girls finally reported back to the headmaster which is what they were supposing to be doing in the first place, the headmaster allowed Riko and Ha-Chan to remain on Earth. When Mirai's mother came to the room, Mirai quickly came up with the name Hanami Kotoha for Ha-Chan which she instantly like it...

This episode is how Ha-Chan see things differently as she is now a full grown human. She can stand beside with Mirai and Riko as a Precure but she still lack some common sense. Like how she forgotten that she can't fly or squeeze into small openings like she used to. Although the mention of a voice and that ocean of flowers will play a significant role in future episodes.

Now Yamoh is like the Dokuroxy obsessed fan whose sole purpose is to revive him and Rabu is hiding in the shadows to see how things develop whic is clearly a more sinister villain than Batty and company.

Overall, this episode really showcase Hayami Saori's performance as she played an innocent girl looking at the world differently and a courageous Precure at the same time. In the next episode, Kotoha moved into Mirai's house and started creating her own room. That magic wand of her is really useful for such occasions. Until then, see you in the next post!

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