Sunday, July 3, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 22 : The Sprout of Life! Cure Felice is Born!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 22 Review and after the big battle with Dokuroxy, how are the girls coping when Ha-Chan left them in the previous episode?

The first half was a bit slow as the girls were leading a normal life in both school and home. But Mirai's mother could sense her hiding her emotions after Ha-Chan left them. Riko was tasked by Mirai's mother to support her daughter and they finally talked it out during a night broomstick ride.

At the same time, an unknown man (which I am guessing it is Riko's father) was updating the headmaster of his travels and discovered a broken lamp in the desert. An evil looking genie revived Yamoh and he went to collect some of Dokuroxy's bones and used it against the girls.

The girls were getting beaten by the new Super Yokubal until Mofurun reminded them with a cup of milk to always smile no matter what happened. The Linkle Smartbook glowed and a young girl appeared in front of them.

So Cure Felice is doing her version of Tenbu Korin from Saint Seiya Shaka?

The girl then used the Linkle Smartbook to transform into Cure Felice. She defeated the Yokubal in no time and introduce herself to the girls who were stumped at first. But Mirai recognize her face and realise she is Ha-Chan! She returned back to the girls with open arms...

The new opening sequences with Ha-Chan

The New Ending Song sung by the three girls

This episode is pretty decent for the introduction of Cure Felice. Mirai and Riko were kinda of wondering what should they do with their lives after defeating Dokuroxy in the beginning. Riko was able to focus on her studies which make her the top student in the school. But Mirai has doubts in the first half and it make sense since Mirai is like Megumi who doesn't have a goal or dream before becoming a Precure and now with everything is over (for a moment) what should Mirai be focusing now?

Thanks to Mirai's mother who know her daughter like the back of her hand, asked Riko to help support Mirai in her time of anxiety. Sure enough, the two girls had a pep talk and decided to go and have a fun time in the town. 

The mysterious Genie character which I haven't figure out his name doesn't seem to be part of the Dark Magician group as he was just observing (and reviving) Yamoh who is spotted with long hair. So it will be interesting to see what Mr Genie's agenda is in future episodes. Yamoh himself is filled with vengeance against the girls and use Dokuroxy's bones which was shattered in the previous episode and turned it into Super Yokubal creatures. (Although I find that the headmaster didn't realize that even a bone piece of Dokuroxy can be used for evil during the episode)

Finally we have Ha-Chan who is now Cure Felice. I find her all right although Toei gave her a puff up skirt which I really dislike and her design remind me of those Hippie girls in the 60s and 70s. (You mean, the more sunlight Cure Felice absorb, the higher she get?)

At least Cure Felice can defend herself (Cure Scarlet, Cure Moonlight and Milky Rose will always be the badass cures in the series) and her new item which resemble a microphone with a rose on it was her finisher move.

The last scene was very sweet of Ha-Chan to give a smile to the girls and they welcome back her like old friends. As I predicted before in the first episode, Hayami Saori is finally a Precure and we have probably one of the better casting in the series. (Now if only Nazuka Kaori will join as a Precure then my Ultimate Precure Onee-Chan Harem can be completed!)

For a former fairy with wings, Ha-Chan sure has problems flying a normal Magic Broomstick.

In the next episode, Ha-Chan begin her life as a full fledged human with the girls but first, she must learn how to fly a broomstick which seems to be the hardest thing for her at the moment! Until then, see you in the next review!


  1. This episode is really good!
    A new Pretty Cure appeared and new adventures to come!

    I really liked Cure Felice, her transformation and her elegant fighting styles!
    So glad that Haa-chan has grown so well and now it is a Pretty Cure just like Mirai and Riko! So cute! ^^
    And whoa, Yamoh is back and has finally put up a fight with his master's bones and Super Yokubal! That is interesting! Just like the Smile Precure which were the Akanbe and then the strogest were Hyper Akanbe! The Mahou Girls need to be careful from now on!

    Can't wait for the next episode and see Haa-chan's new experiences, just like Riko did! :D

  2. Oh! Both the new opening and its main theme song got better, cooler and nicer! ^^
    The ending is pretty good and its 3D animation is stunning! ^^