Monday, July 18, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 24 : Hard Work will be Rewarded!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 24 Review and today Kotoha and Mofurun learn something about themselves.
After sharing the bed with Kotoha and Mofurun, Mirai felt terrible every morning. But after Mirai's Grandma suggested that Kotoha used the attic as her new room, Kotoha immediately get to work and used her magic to clear up the attic and created new furniture by herself. (Leaving Riko speechless since Kotoha is more proficiency in her magic)
But Kotoha relied on magic so much that she even tried to use her magic to help Mirai's father and Riko immediately stop her. It was then Riko explained that magic is not Omnipotent and they should used their own strength to help instead. Kotoha finally understand after helping Mirai's father and was rewarded with a glass of milk which she enjoyed it even more.
At the same time, Mofurun wanted to help in Kotoha's room and pushed a bit too hard. Mirai told her that it is all right that Mofurun has already helped them many times in the past. The two of them decided to make jewels necklace to decorate in Kotoha's room which she appreciate it.
The fight with Super Yokubal isn't interesting as Cure Felice overpowered again it with her pure strength although I find it odd that Kotoha's personality change when she is Cure Felice. As Kotoha, she is like an innocent girl curiously looking at everything around her but as Cure Felice, she became something like a Sage and fight with grace. Maybe the Linkle Emerald is her true form while Ha-Chan is a vessel that they both co-exist. (This is a little bit far fetched but hey, it's Precure!)

Overall, I felt this episode is more of character development for Kotoha and Mofurun. Riko knew how easy to get things done with magic since she too relied on magic when she first started to live on Earth. But after learning from Mirai and her family on how people can still move on without magic, she too agreed that magic is not Omnipotent. So seeing Kotoha "abusing" her magic had Riko explained on the importance of hard work and rewards which Kotoha understand it better.
As for the battles, I am pretty sure Cure Miracle and Cure Magical will return to shine the spotlight as I have a feeling that the two girls will probably get a new power up from Riko's father who is out searching clues about Mr Genie himself.

Girls, this is not how you want to get a Sun-Tan..
Not a good episode personally (There's really not much to talk about this episode) but next week might be fun as the girls goes to the beach for some Sun, Sand and Sea! (No Rizu in a swimsuit? Where is she for the last few episodes?) Unitil then, see you in the next post!

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