Sunday, June 26, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 21 : The Rise of Dokuroxy Part 2

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 21 Review and how are the girls going to face a revival Dokuroxy?

All this time, Dokuroxy should just shout "Darkness Finger" since Akimoto Yosuke voiced Master Asia in G Gundam.

Basically they spent the first ten minutes just the girls looking at Dokuroxy sucking the life force of the Magical World and Earth? Wait a minute! How on Earth did Dokuroxy is able to suck the life force of Earth since the two worlds are on two different planes of existence? (Plot Hole!)

Anyway I find a lot of padding since Mirai and Riko just remember all the encounters they had so far and for some unknown reason, All the Linkle Stones came back to the girls and they transformed. Well, since the Linkle Stones are sentient enough, why they just didn't bring Ha-Chan along? (Stupid Stones)

The Headmaster's expression when he pulled off Yamoh's tail was priceless!

But then we have quite a pretty good battle with the girls battling Dokuroxy using the last two stones they found previously (Got to remember to advertise for the toys!) but Dokuroxy was no pushover and he absorbed more energy which Yamoh willing gave his life to be with Dokuroxy and became more powerful.

The girls were trying their best to defeat Dokuroxy and thanks to the power of "Holding hands", Ha-Chan was able to weaken Dokuroxy's body from the inside and the girls used Diamond Eternal to defeat Dokuroxy, breaking his body into many pieces back to Earth.

It's time to go Heaven...I see Dead People!

However Dokuroxy's soul is still intact and was about to attack the girls when Ha-Chan appeared in a full human form and was able to purify Dokuroxy and revert him back to human. Ha-Chan then took Dokuroxy's soul to the Heaven. (Are you saying that Ha-Chan is a Shinigami from Bleach who bring souls to rest?)

Anyway, the world was saved but Ha-Chan did not return which the girls were left with more questions...

Overall, it is an all right mid season battle with the girls using what they have to defeat Dokuroxy although it is more of their connections with Ha-Chan that Ha-Chan was able to break free from Dokuroxy and become some kinda of angel wannabe?

Although I find Dokuroxy an uninteresting villain since he keep repeating the same two lines in this episode and for the head of an evil magic organization, he was defeated by a normal super move from the girls. Even Dyspear has more lines when she was battling Team Go Princess.

It is defintely not the Genie from Disney's Aladdin..

Batty seems to survive and has become a cute Fat Bat. But where did Ha-Chan went to and what will happen next? It seems we are getting a new enemy in a form of a genie and Ha-Chan returned as she too become a Precure in the next episode. Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: Techinally, this episode should be called "The Rise and Fall of Dokuroxy " since he was pretty weak for a "Final Boss."

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