Sunday, May 22, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 16: Friends of Two Worlds

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 16 Review and today Kei, Emily and Jun come to Earth to see Mirai and Riko!

So today Kei, Emily and Jun went to Mirai's doorstep and surprised the two girls about their arrival. As expected, the three Magic students were fascinated by the modern technology like a helicopter and giant television screen.

But the three Magic students has also shown they have improved a lot in their second year after Mirai and Riko went to Earth. Mayumi and Kana also bumped into the three Magic students and because of them comparing magic to technology, Mirai and Riko had a hard time trying to distract Mayumi and Kana from learning more about Magic.

Francois who act as a guardian for the three Magic students also mentioned that he often come to Earth for materials and furthermore, there are former Magic students that graduated and work on Earth under a different alias which surprised Mirai and Riko.

Of course, the main focus is Spalda trying to snatch the Linkle Smart Book from the girls and to do it, she merged herself with a helicopter to become a Yokubal herself. It sounds interesting on paper but I find this battle doesn't really make any difference.

First, Spalda was trying to please Dokuroxy as such she sacrifice herself to take down Maho Tsukai Precure. That's the problem. Spalda's motivation is too simple. Sure, her losses against the Precures were decent at most but it is not like the girls did something so humiliating that Spalda decided that enough is enough. Last week's battle was kinda of mediocre as I mentioned before so why Spalda decided to go all Kamikaze to defeat the girls this week.

Personally, I was expecting Batty to be the first one to hit the fan since his ego will never allow two girls to humiliate him time and time again but no, it is Spalda who I find her being evil for the sake of evil that went down first and it wasn't some super power up that the girls get at the last minute but it was just them using Sapphire Smartish and a boost from Ha-Chan that turned Spalda into a spider and Batty took her away after the battle. (Although we saw a Magic book that was in Dokuroxy's possession which I am guessing it will be important in future episodes)

Overall, it was all right an episode since the battle took up almost all of the second half. But does that mean Kobayshi Yui is out of the cast now? I hope she might become another heel turn head since we are expecting a new Cure soon. Anyway in the next episode, Mirai and Riko used Cathy the Magic Crystal Ball to find out Mirai's grandmother, Kanako a secret that she hold dear to her heart. Until then, see you next week!

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