Sunday, October 18, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 36 and Ep 37 Review

Gokigenyou! I am finally back from Japan and since I have a lot of catching up to do, last week and this week's episode review will be more of my thoughts rather than the usual top three moments. So without further ado, let's get started! (Episode 37 screenshots were taken from 2ch)

Episode 36: This is a pretty interesting episode for Minami since we are introduced to Minami's parents and a marine veterinarian, Dr Kitakaze Asuka voiced by Sakamoto Maaya. (God Eater's Alisa) The first act was introducing to Minami's parents who are pretty nice people and has the support of their guests during their address speech.

Minami was amazed by Asuka's occupation and her love of the ocean but what make Asuka interesting was her attitude not to work with the Kaido company. Despite Minami's father offering to sponsor her, she claimed that she does not like to be tied down with rules and regulation and rather be a carefree spirit in her research.

Minami was surprised by her decline which later in the episode, Asuka asked her what is her goal in life and she replied is to work in the family business. But after this encounter with Asuka, she is having second thoughts. Being young and seeing a person like Asuka with such care-free attitude make her question whether is working for the family business an obligation or will she make a drastic choice and follow what she really want.

I am pretty sure a lot of us during our younger years have such moments when you are thinking the job that I have is a career or just a job? I hope that we get one more episode about Minami and see if she is having second thoughts about her future and no matter what it is, I hope her family will be able to support the path she make.

Episode 37: Every class was asked to come up with a play for the upcoming drama festival. For Haruka's class is the Shakespeare classic-Romeo and Juliet. With Haruka as Juliet and fellow classmate, Hirano as Romeo, the play was pump up by hardcore play director and classmate, Furuya voiced by Ueda Kana. (Fate Stay Night's Tohsaka Rin)

Hirano is lucky to get supported by two hot girls!

Haruka had a hard time conveying Juilet's emotions and was reprimanded multiple times by Furuya. Although Kanata later help Haruka to practice her lines, the surprising twist was after the battle with the Zetsuborg. Hirano suffered a twist ankle before the play and Kanata offered to step in.

However Haruka insisted that it should be their class to do the performance and not take the easy way out. From a layman's point of view, you might say Haruka is making thing difficult but I am seeing that since that everyone worked so hard for the play, it should be their responsibility to see all the way through and not taking the easy way out by asking Kanata. (Haruka will make a good motivator if she want a career)

Everyone respected her decision and the play was a success despite a minor hiccup. Even later Kanata understand her feelings which actually make their relationship a bit closer now. You know what's funny is that everyone in the school met Kanata for the first time and Yuki who was with the girls didn't suspect that Kanata and Haruka have a "Special" relationship. Boy, if Yuki even find out the truth, what do you think his reaction will be?

The fight was all right despite a timer counting down for a bomb which the Zetsuborg was carrying and it was defused thanks to Cure Flora shielding everyone and Cure Mermaid freeze the bomb.

Overall for both episodes, I gave a B plus thanks to the guest seiyus who make the show more interesting. It may looked like filler but it also helped to develop both Minami and Haruka's personal characters.

Next episode, a new student who looked similar to Close (which I am guessing it is him in disguise) lured the girls into a trap! Can the girls sprang his trap? Until then, see you next week! Gokigenyou!

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  1. Episode 36:

    Gutted that Wataru didn't interact with Kanata & Towa for the pair are such fantastic siblings (Yes, a conversation between Wataru/Minami along with Kanata/Towa is the one I'm look forward to but it didn't and probably will never occur frown emoticon ), but I'm more saddened that Kirara was totally sidelined (for a supposed love interest of Wataru), well Toei proved that he's a side character after all, but it hurts T_T

    That aside, this episode was pretty good especially concerning Minami's dream about whether she will continue following her family business or pursuing her "own" path i.e. becoming a marine biologist. The scene that Asuka explained why she refused to work with Kaido Group was really well-scripted and important because it gave Minami the impetus about the career she wished to pursue in the future (probably, given that she didn't reveal her answer in the end).

    Episode 37:

    Wow, I have mixed feelings about this episode, it's quite well-written but also quite disappointing. First, let me start with two "glasses students"-Hirano and Furuya. Hirano, what a lucky dude who got to portrait Romeo ahead of BOTH Kanata and Yuki even after he sprained his foot, and he even got carried by Minami and the ever shining Kirara on one occasion, too fortunate :/ About Furuya, her rantings mirrored those of Rin Tohsaka (FSN UBW) and when her seiyuu was revealed to be my favourite one-Ueda Kana I was so elated! Her style of lecturing against Haruka was also too similar to tsundere Rin when she lectured Shirou Emiya (For more details please explore the Fate universe by yourself)!

    Onward to the drama section: Can Toei pull out other ideas? Why Kaguya Hime and especially CINDERELLA were recycled all over again?! Those two were done to death in Smile Precure! One down side of this episode was it never showed the full extent of the dramas of Minami, Kirara and Towa, but at least in Haruka's Romeo & Juliet she demonstrated her adaptibility when Hirano fell down and she proceeded accordingly to the script (but for wrong reasons KANATA wasn't the one lying down at the drama's conclusion but Hirano :/ ). OMG Towa was really gorgeous in that Cinderella dress (Towa>Miyuki), and Kirara, the hottest fairy godmother ever!

    Now to the main argument, Kanata was so charming when he practiced drama with Haruka, even in amnesia he still demonstrated a prince's pedigree, therefore I'm upset that his offer to portray Romeo was turned down by none other than HARUKA herself, why no "Kanata, why you called Kanata?" Well at least the ending scene was romantic, symbolizing the growing relationship of the primary "couple" of the season! But Yuki truly degraded himself this time, not only he didn't think about replacing Hirano to portrait Romeo at all, he even ENCOURAGED "Akagi-san's onisama" to substitute that role! In the end he's a pathetic player in that drama! Can't blame him for meeting Kanata for the first time, but should he discovered his relationship with Haruka, he better act as a smart dude to fight for Haruka's affection (and best not pulling out "My fangirls will bash me!!" crap), he's already losing against Kanata!!

    To the Zetsuborg fight, kudos for setting a time-bomb for the Cures to fight it, but the fight was over instantly, well Princess Precures couldn't perform Chaos Control to stop time so they rushed to beat the Zetsuborg I guess... And yet another disappointing highlight, why didn't Haruka's family react when watching Haruka playing drama? I expected Ibuki to have some hilarious cry but...