Monday, August 10, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 27 Top 3 Moments and Review: A Mid-Summer Night's Cheer

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 27 and today is the town's summer night festival!

No 3: Let the Night festival begins!

Basically the girls dressed up in Yukata for the summer festival. After helping out in their school's stall, Haruka and Yui met up with Minami and enjoyed the festive mood. Haruka even helped Kisaragi win a Puff doll (created by Shirogane herself) at a game stall.

Kirara looked great in a Yukata (Actually anything she wear looked great!)

They then spotted Kirara and Towa posing for a magazine and the two girls joined them. Although I realised that Towa has long pointy ears. Wouldn't that attract attention but the people in Precure Universe are a little oblivious to minor details...

No 2: Yuki and Haruka on a group date!

After bumping into Haruka, Yuki decided to treat the girls in the festival. However Yuki's friends told him that they need to go back early for the tennis in camp training the next day. Yuki did not want to go now which surprised Haruka as she knew he prioritize tennis than anything else.

Although they were enjoying themselves, Haruka spotted a bandage on Yuki's elbow but he told her to ignore it. However Yuki's fangirls dragged Haruka to the side and explained that Yuki injured his elbow during training and was feeling down. The fangirls wanted Haruka to cheer him up however Yuki overheard everything and told them off including Haruka.

No 1: Cure Flora reprimanded Yuki on being immature!

As Yuki was about to leave, Shut has turned the fangirls into Zetsuborgs. Haruka and the others quickly transform to battle. During the battle, Cure Flora took Yuki away from the fight and was about to join back when Yuki asked her why are they fighting for?

Cure Flora replied that they are fighting to protect everyone's dreams. He was envious of them and blamed on his injury. His coach refused to allow him to play any matches because of his injury and felt the in-camp training was a waste of time.

Cure Flora reprimanded him for being immature that matches can be play again but everyone is concerned about him and he shouldn't be sensitive over such a setback. Yuki realised what she meant and even aid them during the fight.

After the battle, Cure Flora and the other quickly disappeared infront of him and when the fireworks came out, he wondered how did Cure Flora knew his name? But he forgot about it soon after...

Although this episode felt like a filler but it developed more on Haruka and Yuki's relationship. It may not have the next step in their relationship but I can tell that Yuki had a thing for Cure Flora although his attitude towards Haruka is still at the status quo.

But you can tell that Haruka has matured a lot since she first met Yuki and was able to give him a pep talk. She like the "Cool" Yuki and was disappointed that Yuki behaved like a jerk for a while. But thanks to her talk, Yuki was able to stand up and even aid them during the battle. Yuki's fangirls who were enemies to Haruka even come up to her for help which showed they respect her since she knew Yuki much longer than them.

The rest of the episode is just fan service since we get to see the girls in Yukata. Haruka and Yui looked like lively schoolgirls, Minami has a mature aura while Kirara and Towa are sexy!

This week's ending is with Cure Mermaid.

Overall, I gave this episode a C plus. The battle was all right since the girls are against Cheerleaders Zetsuborg and Shut decided that he is fighting for Dyspear rather than Lock which I am sure he will be displeased. Next week, it is the beach episode and everyone is in swimsuits (Another Fan service episode!) But don't expect the girls to wear outrageous swimsuit since it is still a kid's show not a midnight anime show! Until then, see you in the next episode! Gokigenyou!

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  1. Ahem, first, I would like to point out that this season's "festival" episode is quite boring, but the Cures dressing in their yukatas are indeed lovely. And Towa, who took several snapshots with Kirara, finally unveils her elf-like ears! I long suspected that she has elf-ears, and this time the mystery is fully solved! (But why no one finds it weird? Even Siren/Ellen from Major Land didn't retain her cat-like features! Oh, maybe it's a children show after all so no problem revealing an elf-like girl wandering around?

    But this week's focus is definitely Haruka X Yuki! After injuring his arm, Yuki moaned and whined about his misfortune and treated everyone else with bad temper, even his diehard fangirls (please move away, will ya?!). Although not much interaction between Haruka and Yuki (Cure Flora did most of the talking), I still wait for a love triangle to develop! Good for you, Haruka, for two men are aftering you!

    Next week, Towa seems to be awkward for dressing in a swimsuit and appears to be unable to swim XD Relax, for the Princess of Seas-Minami once faced with such dilemma too when she was still an innocent crying kid (episode 16)! Or maybe fire has bad matchup with water? Who knows? Gokigenyou all!