Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 38: A Song of Innocent Part 2

Dark Tender ordered Oresuki to retreat as she deal with the Precures. Cure Fortune tried to reason with her by calling out her name, Maria but her mind has been brainwashed by Queen Mirage who appeared in the sky.
Dark Tender was too strong and overpowered everyone. Queen Mirage then ordered her to finish Cure Fortune and fired a blast. Blue stepped in and shield Cure Fortune. However he couldn't hold on to it and fell. Queen Mirage taunted Cure Fortune that it is useless to restore her sister but she believe Maria still has some good left in her.
The four girls transformed to Innocent Form and battle Dark Tender again. As they were fighting her, Cure Lovely told Dark Tender that everyone has someone important to them including her. Dark Tender paused for a moment and recalled her and Iona in happier times.
Suddenly she let out a burst of energy and was stunned for a moment. Queen Mirage continued to influence her and she fought fiercely again with everyone. Dark Tender knocked Cure Fortune to the ground and fired a blast at her when suddenly Cure Lovely took the blast for her. It awoken Dark Tender's memories of her protecting Iona before she was captured.
She struggled to remember but Queen Mirage continued to control her. Dark Tender pulled out a sword and raise toward Cure Fortune. But she stopped at the last minute and remember who she was for a moment. The others claimed Love will overcome all confusions which got Queen Mirage furious.
She controlled Dark Tender again and Cure Fortune screamed up her sister's name. Her pleas awakened the Shining Make Dresser and they were given their new power-Innocent Purification. They used it on Dark Tender and she finally returned back to Maria.
Their powers also affected Queen Mirage and Blue managed to enter her realm. He wanted to tell her his true feelings but Deep Mirror snatched her away. Maria later woke up and the two sisters reunited again.
Queen Mirage felt her heart was moved by Blue however Deep Mirror brainwashed her again...
This is one of the better episodes in the series so far. It was basically non-stop action all the way. I felt the previous episode was just an excuse to have an Halloween episode which by the way, where is everyone after the Saiark was defeated? 
Dark Tender or Maria or Cure Tender is pretty tough and I agreed with Kokoda Kouji that why bring one Dark Precure to battle four Precures? Wouldn't it make more sense if bringing more Dark Precures will eventually overwhelm everyone? But Queen Mirage probably like dramatic since Cure Fortune will not harm her elder sister whick weaken their strength.
Of course, the usual "Love overcome everything" save the day and Innocent Purification is really something different which might alienated some fans since it is very similar to Mermaid Melody's trademark powers. Although the end result is just four "Super Meteor Crash" hitting their target continuously which is a Pretty Cure thing.
Looking at how things progressing, Deep Mirror is definitely the Final Boss of the series and his realm is the complete opposite of Blue with it's broken mirrors and dark red environment. Although Queen Mirage is under Deep Mirror's control again, her heart is already influenced by the Innocent Purification. It is just a matter of time that she will break free of Deep Mirror's control.
Next episode, Maria decided to head to America to meet her parents which got Iona upset. She decided to prevent it by facing her in a karate duel. Will Maria stay or leave Iona again? See you in the next episode which will aired in 2 weeks' time!

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