Sunday, August 2, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 26 Top 3 Moments and Review: A New Chapter Begins!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 26 and today Puff and Aroma are going to show that they are no pushovers!

No 3: Towa fell ill and the girls are away!

Towa caught a fever at the dorms and no one is around due to the holidays. Puff and Aroma tried to their best to help her like putting her to bed and cooling down her temperature. Aroma quickly Haruka and the others who were out with their families or job and they informed they will rushed as soon as they can.

Even Miss Shamour who was with Haruka was worried and got Aroma to come to her side to collect some herb tea leaves for Towa. Puff was cute (I really want to hug her) as she tried her best to take care of Towa but things are going to get really weird after this...

No 2: Puff/Aroma vs a Cicada Zetsuborg!

Shut who is looking out for victims to feed on the despair gauge found a Cicada on a tree. He turned it into a Zetsuborg (which is probably the smallest Zetsuborg up to date) and went around the dorms making noise.

Puff who was with Towa tried to confront them and with a net on her hand, she tried to catch the Zetsuborg (Animal Crossing Time!) that let me eyes opened! Suddenly the Zetsuborg became slightly bigger and Aroma joined the fight.

However the Zetsuborg was about to pound them when suddenly a miracle happened to both Puff and Aroma!

No 1: Puff and Aroma-Official Royal Fairies Power!

Puff is so cute in a dress!

Because of their determination to protect Towa, the Royal Crest in their bodies granted them powers. Puff wore a maid dress and was able to stand on two feet while Aroma wore like a Butler. Their aura also gave Haruka and the other girls (Including Towa) an energy boost that heal their tiredness. (Since the girls ran all the way back to the dorm)

Look like Cure Scarlet took lessons from Kamen Rider V3's Fire Kick or Ultraman Leo's Leo Kick!

The Zetsuborg became larger and the girls went to battle with it. However the Zetsuborg used sonic waves to disrupt their movements. Puff went to cover her ears (Literately!) and together with Aroma knocked the Zetsuborg off balance. The girls then finished it quickly.

Later Miss Shamour claimed that this is the first time for the Royal Fairies to have a "Dress Up" form and their aura actually restore peoples health and tiredness. Towa was proud of them and they shared a moment together...

I was expecting a filler episode with Puff and Aroma getting into trouble and the girls have to come to save the day but instead this is a lovely episode for the two Royal fairies. Usually the mascots in Precure series are kinda of useless but these two fairies have shown that they can now aid the Precures in time of need.

Let's start off with some moments that I didn't mentioned. Like how Towa was being herself when nobody was in the dorms. From dancing in the hallway and sliding on the stairs, you can tell she want to let go of her Princess persona and just being herself.

So what were Haruka and the others doing when Towa fell ill? Haruka was with her family at an exhibition, Minami was at sea with her older brother, Wataru and Kirara...doing a modeling job. However the moment they learnt Towa fell ill, they rushed back to the dorms. If Puff and Aroma didn't got their new form, the girls will be out of breath and might have problems dealing with the Zetsuborg.

Speaking of the Zetsuborg, Shut was really out of luck since he couldn't find any humans to become a Zetsuborg and had to resort to turning a Cicada into a Zetsuborg (Which by the way, the Cicada's dream is fly in the sky) When he heard that Towa was ill, (and he still called her Twilight) he was more determined to get her back. Although I was hoping he has a change of heart for a moment and stop fighting but it is not going to be easy to convince him (Why couldn't he be like those Super Sentai villains who are honorable and had a change of heart to show off his character?)

Of course, the biggest change in this episode is the opening and ending! The opening has so many things that are coming up in the next few weeks. We have the four girls together now facing the Hope Kingdom Castle. Lock is the new antagonist with Shut and two new generals. (Which I am guessing they are twins and someone online actually called them the Mickey Twins because of their big ears)

Instead of more people overcrowding the walking scene, it just showed all the supporting cast in the sky as the four girls walked together. There is a shot of both Cure Flora and Cure Scarlet back to back facing Zetsuborgs which is now the new status quo.

The ending is a new one with a more upbeat song and the girls dancing around on a stage. Cure Flora actually show off her singing voice but I still prefer the previous ending since it is more grander. Maybe after a few more times, I might get used to it. But my god, what is it with the bad CG? I know it is now being used in the latest movies but come on, they couldn't get the eyes to look the same!

Overall, I gave this episode a C plus since it is a Puff and Aroma episode with the surprise of them being able to aid the girls in the future. The opening and ending now determine what will happen in the future which I can't wait for it.

Yuki Kun..I am actually...

I want that Puff Doll!

The new Ending Card!

Next week, it is a Haruka and Yuki episode (Finally!)It is the summer night festival and everyone was excited about it. However Yuki has a problem with his tennis which Haruka is determined to find out! Until then, see you in the next episode! Gokigenyou!

P.S: Yes, I am aware the new All Stars movie is out on the net. I will be doing that review pretty soon!


  1. I'm not sure I would categorize the end theme CG as "bad"; it's certainly much more stylized, as opposed to the previous which was trying to emulate the animation style. That said, it is rather jarring - like the new song, it'll probably grow on me. But you can't fault them for trying something new... :-)

    1. Trying something new? Nah, that CG was like the bloody Happiness Charge all over again! The song, yes, it's good, but the CG, hell!

  2. Nice episode. Cute to see Towa danced around and slided through the staircase like a little maiden, but then the portrayal of the royal mascots were even better (although they're still immature, they're already being more useful than a certain "God of Earth" named Blue back in Happiness Charge)! Fighting a tiny Zetsuborg like that was hilarious XD And again, some might be unsatisfied about Shut not ending up taking care of Towa, and calls for his eventual "redemption" are echoing everywhere, but then the flashback in Doki Doki shown us how Rikka and Ira didn't end up as a proper couple either (same with the "blunder crush" of Hime towards Seiji)! Give him some time, and we might expect the repeat of reconcilation between Setsuna and Westar. Last but not least, long time no see, Yuki-kun! Wish you finally enjoying your private moment with Cure Flora (Piss off, Yuki's fangirls!)and emerge as another boy aftering Haruka's affection (Giving me Love X Daisuke vibes already)! Gokigenyou all!

    Poor Shut needs to see a psychiatrist. I am honest. In this episode, we find him having a bad day, which, considering all that has happened to him (the one he loves has turned to the enemy, his rival has usurped the throne, etcetera), could perchance be worse. I mean, Shut, why did you not get on that boat with Minami and her big bro? Were you determined not to fail once more? Did you want to see Cure Scarlet once more in spite of your star-crossedness? There we have both reasons why.
    This episode put Towa alone and ill, ironically, with a blazing fever (Scarlet fever?), "tossing feverishly on her bed," as Oscar Wilde would have said. This is the sick episode of the series, and making Towa the patient is another reason to add more kudos to this series.
    And Shut, finding no humans on campus and needing to fill on despair, targeting an invertebrate (our first non-human victim!) because, as you know, necessitas caret lege. And the cicada's dream was just what every arthropod, due to the size of its brain, has for a main concern.
    Though at first the Cicada!Desporg seemed harmless, it turned out to be a surprise very like the rabbit of Caerbannog in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Indeed, this filler episode is hilarious if we don't consider the Shut subplot.
    This is the second pet-centric episode, and it features Puff and Aroma protecting their princess, whose state of health and an enemy attack are now their main concerns. We see Puff and Aroma getting power-ups they definitely needed, and that could both heal Towa and summon the other three. The power-ups stem from the pet-servants' desire to protect their princess, and we also see them transform into a maid and butler, though still in animal forms, and perform some pretty badass attacks. Truly, I didn't expect the
    My thoughts on the new opening: I had waited for weeks for the new opening to blot Close and Twilight out and add more of Towa. And R'hllor must definitely have heard my prayer. Not only that, but the opening also shows two more Dysdark generals, that March Hare and Dormouse, whose common theme colour is green, in clone trooper helmets (Can't wait to see them!!!)... aside from Cure Scarlet, more Towa, and Ranko in the place that is HERS BY RIGHT (Will there be another Ranko episode??? Pleeeeease!!!)!! I'm looking forward to more of Ranko, to finding out what's going on with Kanata, and to those new generals in clone trooper helmets!!!
    So guess I'll have to wait a few weeks more...

    1. Close is (FINALLY) gone from the opening. It now shows YA!Lock, Shut,
      and these twin generals (faces unseen), one with bunny ears and one with mickey ears,
      their theme colour is green and they wear face-concealing clone trooper helmets...
      Are these two based upon the White Rabbit or the March Hare and the Dormouse?
      For Shut has got a Mad Hatter-like look himself...