Sunday, May 17, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 16 Top 3 Moments and Review: A Gift from the Ocean

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 16 and today the girls arrived at the Kaido Resort for some Sun, Sand and Sea!

No 3: Welcome to Kaido Resort!

The girls went to the Kaido Resort owned by Minami's older brother, Wataru for some R and R. Minami looked up to her brother and he is the ideal boss for the resort since everyone on the island enjoyed working for him.

They had some fun in the resort and learned from Wataru that Minami used to hate swimming but she got over it because of an incident when she was young. Minami even had a dolphin friend named Tina whom she introduce to everyone. We later find out that Tina saved Minami from drowning when she was young and even gave Tina her own name.

No 2: Double the Zetsuborg!

After seeing Minami and Wataru enjoying themselves, Twilight immediately granted Shut and Lock a power boost and turned Wataru and a stall owner into Zetsuborg. Cure Mermaid battled the whale Zetsuborg in the water while the other two Cures battle the Octopus Zetsuborg on land.

But Cure Flora and Cure Twinkle got their hands tied (Literally) by the Octopus Zetsuborg and the Whale Zetsuborg was giving Cure Mermaid a hard time. Tina took a hit for Cure Mermaid from the Zetsuborg while protecting her and both of them fell deeper into the abyss.

No 1: Cure Mermaid's new power-Bubble Dress Up Key!

Before the battle, Kanata communicate through the Princess Pad that a new Dress Up Key is close by them and true enough, it was near Cure Mermaid's location. Her love for Tina actually granted the key to her and heal Tina's injuries.

It was then Cure Mermaid used her new Bubble Dress Up Key to immobilise the Whale Zetsuborg and freed the others from the Octopus Zetsuborg. After that the girls finished off the Zetsuborgs and freed Wataru and the stall owner.

Initially I thought this episode will be another filler just to introduce Minami's brother, Wataru but it turned out to be the beginning of the new Dress Up Keys arc. Wataru is the nice older brother who probably is every little sister's ideal brother. (Joke: Does that make Minami a Bro con?) No wonder Minami looked up to him and strive to live by his example.

But the best part is actually her relationship with Tina the dolphin. Although I wonder is Tina able to understand what Minami is talking or she really can speak to dolphins? Either way, I like how the flashback and today's episode mirror each other since in both cases, Tina saved Minami from danger and it touched Minami's heart. Although it will be interesting (or sadistic) if Tina actually died and Minami went all Super Saiyan (Figure of speech) to take down the Zetsuborg but you know, for kids!

Bubble Dress Up Key was okay although the execution is lazy since Bubble Ripple is a photo shop of Ice and Mermaid Ripple. Since the other two girls have not got their new keys, the final blow is still the same instead of Cure Mermaid using Bubble Dress Up Key to change her form.

Other than that, Twilight's reaction to the Kaido siblings is suspicious since she felt a strange feeling from them. (It is the power of Love!) Can we speculate that Twilight has a dark secret that she is unaware of? Is it possible that it is connected to Kanata? Only future episodes will tell us.

In the next episode, Kirara's mother Stella come to visit her. Everyone was happy to see the international Supermodel except Kirara who is feeling embarrassed. (Spoiler-Cure Twinkle get her new Dress Up Key next!) Until then, see you next week! Gokigenyou!


  1. Yo, long comment since my 10-day trip to Australia (I slacked off a bit), but I did watched the previous episodes (and Twilight is another absolute beauty than Minami and Kirara). Now, this episode is really touching as I get to know Minami's bro Wataru and her dolphin pal Tina! (Not gonna lying, I want to be friends with a dolphin as well!) Her bro is an awesome dude who inherited dozens of companies from Mr.Kaido and managed it with such friendly demeanor. (The best part of his, no doubt, his revelation of how Minami was once piss-poor in swimming and her being a cute sister, making Minami blush out of embarrassment on both occasions<3)
    That said, the best moment is Tina's rescue of Minami and their bonding afterwards, and the near heartbreaking part is how Tina shielded Mermaid from the enemy's blow and almost died:( but hey, it's a children show ya know, so Mermaid recieved her new Key for the episode she needs to be badass.

    P.S Wataru said that his father left those companies for him, so does that mean that the Kaido siblings are actually orphans given that they never even mentioned about their mother for once??