Monday, May 11, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 15 Top 3 Moments and Review: Butler For a Day!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 15 and today Aroma get to be a Butler for a Day!

No 3: Lesson Fairy Power!

Even in bondages, Puff still retain her hyperactive side!

After learning that Aroma is working to be a Butler for Kanata, Shamour granted him and Puff to be humans for a day. The result-A funny start in the morning with both Haruka and Yui mistaken Aroma as an intruder in their room and had Kisaragi bringing brooms and sticks to find the intruder. Puff on the other hand was discovered by Shirogane and the girls lied to her that Puff is an intern learning to be a maid.

No 2:  Aroma get to be Haruka's Butler for a day!

Time for your horse riding, Haruka! (Kiddie Version!)

A Tea Party or a Picnic?

Aroma wanted to be the best Butler and planned a schedule for Haruka to follow. However he was not flexible in his schedule which troubled Haruka. Although she didn't mind, Shamour told him later that he is not considering his master's feelings and is only satisfiying himself.

Of course, this pissed Aroma and he ran off. He was nearly hit by a lorry when a real butler saved him. The butler was very professional to his old mistress' needs which Aroma realised what was the problem with his actions.

No 1: Lock was granted a power boost by Twilight and Aroma's determination towards Haruka.

The Red Carpet treatment

It seems that Lock is trying to suck up to Twilight by giving her the red carpet treatment. In return, they went to Earth and turned the butler earlier into a Zetsuborg. Cure Flora tried to take on the Zetsuborg on her own but was caught in a trap.

Twilight mocked Aroma as he ran away and calling him a coward. However Cure Flora believed in him and knew that Cure Mermaid and Cure Twinkle will come to aid her (Which they did) and they saved the day!

At the end of the episode, Shamour commented to Aroma that he has taken a first step into becoming a butler finally. However Haruka had to boast that she will become a Grand Princess in return Aroma started teasing her instead...

Overall, I gave this episode a C plus as this is an Aroma episode and to be honest, Aroma played the typical brash and impatient young boy in every Precure season which nobody like him at first but became tolerable at the end. He seem to be determined to become a butler but lack the understanding of what a butler should be-To understand his master's needs. Instead he became a bit of a control freak and took Haruka on a crazy adventure throughout town.

 I actually preferred to have Puff be the main focus since she is always in a positive manner. (Although I am wondering if Puff has been eating too much sugar since she keep laughing and running around like some hyperactive kid?)

Lock sucking up to Twilight could mean he is interested on how powerful he can get after gaining her power up boost which you can tell in this episode, Cure Flora had problems defeating the Zetsuborg. Although to be fair, the Zetsuborg is a Butler type so it is kinda of troublesome for the girls to handle such types alone. (You could tell that Shut is totally jealous about Lock's actions so who do you think is going to bite the dust first later in the season?)

Next episode, the girls went to a resort for some sun, sand and sea. Over there, Minami met her older brother and an old dolphin friend of her. Until then, see you next week!

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