Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Ep 20 Review: Back to the Future Part 2?

Hello everyone! This is my Sailor Moon Crystal episode 20 review and seriously flashback can't take up 3/4 of an episode...

The short version was Chibi Usa's father is King Endymion and he is Mamoru's future self. Furthermore, Neo Queen Serentity is Usagi of the future who finally channel a way to turn everyone into immortals for a thousand years.

However a Dark Crystal asteroid crashed into Earth and created the Black Moon effect which killed everyone on Earth. Endymion and the four Sailor Senshis' bodies remained in comatose while Serentity is using her last energy to defend the castle.

All these information were a big shock to everyone especially Sailormoon and Mamoru since they knew Chibi Usa is their daughter. Even Luna and Artemis found out that Diana is their daughter too. However their past self cannot stay long in the future and they returned back to the present with the help of Sailor Pluto.

Back in the present, Sailormoon started arguing with Mamoru claiming he will take care of Chibi Usa (which is the worst act of immaturity I have even seen) But then Chibi Usa returned to the future but was ambushed by Esmeraude. Sailormoon and the others arrived but she is unable to use her powers since it doesn't work in the future.

But Sailor Venus and Mamoru defeated Esmeraude (Easiest boss fight ever!) however Demande arrived and captured Sailormoon with his third eye power...

I will like to say that Usagi is the worst female lead in the whole Sailormoon series. Maybe it is because I disliked spoilt and immature brats in general that when Demande captured her, I was actually cheering for her defeat! Usagi could not balance what is important in front of her-the fate of her friends and the future or the fact that Mamoru is caring more for his future daughter since she is all alone in the past.

I am guessing why a character like Usgai will only worked in the 90s rather than today because people are not as dumb or naive and they could understand how to balance what is important. (The Needs of the Many outweighs the Needs of the Few) Overall, Endymion telling everyone what is going on took up almost the entire episode and Esmeraude was killed in less than 5 minutes. Seriously, Sailormoon villains are one of the weakest in anime history.

In all, I gave this episode a C minus. A pretty bad episode with Usagi being a jerk and she deserved to be captured. Until then, see you in the next episode.


  1. This version of Usagi is the worst female lead in the whole Sailor Moon series, not in the 90's anime. There, she actually would place her friends over other stuff. Even when Endymion died in episode 46, she didn't kiss him because she found out the other girls didn't get to kiss their lovers so she felt it wouldn't be fair.

    And only the Crystal villains were weak, the villains in the 90's anime weren't some of the weakest in anime history. They were more powerful and interesting in the 90's anime, though some were definitely twisted in the manga.

    And to be honest, I found this part of the manga boring too. 90's anime did a better job with its pacing and such.

  2. Also, Crystal just makes the Sailor Moon franchise and manga look bad.