Sunday, April 19, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 12 Top 3 Moments and Review: Run Donut Run!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 12 and it is all about Donuts!

No 3: Yui joined Team Princess Precure.

Although this was a subtle moment but at least Yui can played a more supportive role in helping the girls. Despite her unable to join the fight against the Zetsuborg, Haruka and the others agreed her support is enough in the future. Even Kirara gave Yui her new nickname-Yuiyui. I am guessing that Kirara will only gave nicknames to close friends like Haruka and Minami. Later during the battle, Yui did her part in evacuating the civilians around the vicinity.

No 2: The new Dress Up Keys powers.

After last week's episode of the girls using the Crystal Rod together with the keys, we get to see how the individual keys worked and as expected, it is a more powerful version of the original keys attacks like Cure Flora's Rose Tourbillion, Cure Mermaid's Frozen Ripple and Cure Twinkle's Full Moon Humming. But the best part was when Cure Mermaid's plan to trap the Zetsuborg on it's tracks worked with the girls using their new powers to their advantages.

No 1: Kirara vs Ichijo Ranko, Future TV idol!

The main plot for this episode is Kirara was asked (Tempt by her manager) to do an interview for the Marble Donuts shop for a television program and Ranko was her co-host. Kirara played it naturally for the camera but Ranko's acting was over the top and some time, hilarious!

You know this kind of moment in anime mean that person is probably dead...(Parody of Ashita no Joe)

When both girls were make to run around the town in their own mascot design, it became an all out race for the two girls. Although Kirara reached the finishing line first, Ranko fell on her feet but didn't gave up. Everyone cheered for her including Kirara who was touched by her determination. A true Gutsy Donut! (That was Ranko's name for her mascot)

After saving Ranko from becoming a Zetsuborg and learning of her dream of becoming a TV celebrity (More like a comedian) They found out that Ranko was their third year senior at school and she is still determined to beat Kirara the next time they are together.

Overall, I give this episode a B minus. There were some funny moments between Kirara and Ranko who is voiced by Yahagi Sayuri (To Love Ru's Haruna and Hayate no Gotoku's Izumi) and I hope she can make a comeback in a future episode. As a matter of fact, I am surprised the amount of guest seiyuus for this season but it is good since the fans will have a rough idea who are potential Precure materials for future series.

How did Haruka got all those ribbons on her head?

The other funny part was Haruka, specifically her hair as she keep putting more ribbons on her hair as seeing both Kirara and Ranko competing each other got her all anxious and the last scene when she realised the camera didn't caught her on TV was priceless.

Anyway, this episode was a funny filler. Although you can see after Close's death, Shut was anxious about it since he could be next on Dyspear's list. However Dyspear has recruited a new ally-The Dark Princesss of Zetsuborg. What is her plan as she make her appearance in front of Haruka and the others? Find out more next week! Gokigenyou!

The end credit card end with Kirara posing with a donut! CUTE!!

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