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Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Full Series Review and Final Thoughts (Minor Spoliers)

Hi everyone! I have been very busy lately so I don't have time to review shows like Dog Days Season 3, Cinderella Girls and even Marvel Disk Wars Avengers due to my personal work life. I don't even have time to go through all the Spring shows that are out already. (Hopefully I can go through them eventually)

Anyway, here is my final review and thoughts of Marvel Disk Wars Avengers that ended last March.

If you are still living under a rock all these while, here is a short summary of the show-Tony Stark/Iron Man has created a new device named DISK that is able to hold any objects including humans for an indefinite period of time. He worked with Professor Akatsuki Nozomu from Japan and he invited his two sons, Akira and Hikaru to America to witness the unraveling of DISK. However Loki has send a lackey, Tim to steal the device and released many of the Super Villans from their prison.

In the chaos, the Avengers and many of the Marvel Super Heroes were captured into the DISK. But thanks to Spiderman, he managed to recover five of the disks and Akira, Hikaru and three more kids-Chris, Ed and Jessica were given the power to use the DISK. So the search begin to find the missing heroes and villains all over the world...

I love both Marvel and DC comics in general and I always look forward to how different interpretation of both heroes and villains will be from a different writer and artist will do. So when Toei animation and Marvel Comics team up to do this show, I was thinking will it have the same feel from the Madhouse's Marvel series?

But after reading the plot, it is clearly a show for kids and some might claimed it is ripping off Digimon and Pokemon. However instead of just focusing on the five main Avengers-Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Wasp (Not Black Widow) Toei was allowed to use any characters from the Marvel Universe (Except for the Fantastic Four which is odd) and they really brought on some B-list and even C-list characters into the series.

The show also doesn't take itself too seriously and the kids are not stupid to know what is right and wrong (Except for Akira) which I really dislike him despite being the series leading kid. But there is a reason why it was done this way. Iron Man is the smart ass show off like his movie counterpart and a bit of hot head which played with Akira's curious nature and playfulness. On many occasions, they couldn't get along but once they do, their partnership was great. Furthermore, Tony actually felt responsible for causing Akira and Hikaru to loss their father not once but twice! So in a way, he is making up to the two brothers like a surrogate father.

Hikaru is the overprotective older brother which mirror Thor's issues with Loki for having an irresponsible sibling. Chris and Captain America couldn't get along at first due to Cap fearing of losing another partner like Bucky but in the end, they came to a compromise and several occasions, Chris actually save Cap's life. Ed and Hulk are the odd couple however Hulk see a bit of his alter ego on Ed since he is such a weakling but in the end, they came out to be the best partners among the five kids. Jessica and Wasp are two peas of a kind so not much to say about them.

The best part of the show are the episodes when Akira and Iron Man are not the focus of the episodes. Seriously, Akira was annoying at hell and keep shouting Tony's name every time he is in trouble. Iron Man himself is arrogant, cocky and sometime get ahead of himself. The only time he is good is when he is quietly building some device in his lab and Pepper keeping a lash on him.

Only in this universe where the Mandrain and Silver Samurai actually come and bail Iron Man's ass!

I am seeing that Marvel and Toei also agreed on some terms when doing the episodes. Like when Guardians of the Galaxy the movie was aired in Japan, the show actually introduced them in a two parter and together with the Avengers, they battled Ronan the Accuser and Fin Fang Foom. People complained that the Avengers never worked with the X-Men in the America series but here they did and Magneto was a bad ass smashing Sentinels Robots like paper. They even did their version of Age of Ultron with Hank Pym saving the day. (Yes, it is Hank Pym not Tony who created Ultron for all you newbies!)

Rocket looked cute!

Spidey and Blade working together? Make that a Movie!

Even Blade and Deadpool who are considered Anti heroes appeared and they were a lot of fun. Blade was killing vampires like a bad ass and Deadpool bring in his signature Fourth Wall jokes into the episode. Spidey was also awesome for the first arc of the series which he helped the kids in getting the Avengers together and we even had a Venom episode (Although it is actually Hulk who got possessed by the Symboite) Even future Marvel movie characters like Dr Strange, Black Partner, Iron Fist and Luke Cage were promoted in the show and they were a lot of fun.

The main villains were Loki and his cronies-The Celebrity Five who are a group of people who can called out villains to do their biding. Of course, we had villains like MODOK, Green Goblin, Baron Zemo and they even have Destroyers (which I find them to be pretty weak compared to the movies) Even Red Skull and Crossbones also appeared in the second arc and they make up to pretty good villains and the team up of all the heroes battling them was epic!

But the show also suffered some flaws especially the graphic department. Toei is not really the best in doing long term shows and you can tell some of the characters actually look horrible and action scenes was kept to a minimum for some episodes. Some of the characters also looked funny like Captain America looked like Mega Man Star Force, Iron Fist is a Red Indian Chief, Black Widow looked like a Barbie doll. The weblines in Spidey's costume were circular instead of curves and the Lizard looked like Lizard man from Soul Caliber.

The final arc which is Loki mind controlling Nozomu into becoming Ronin and in cahoots with Dormammu was pretty typical Super Villains plot. Loki double cross Dormammu to gain his powers which you can see it a mile away and he went totally insane on the heroes. But of course thanks to the power of Friendship, Teamwork and the usual Anime yelling, the heroes saved the day with Loki trapped in a DISK for the rest of his life. (Hahaha!)

Overall, the show is a pretty good one if you get over the usual anime moments and accept it as a retelling of the Marvel Universe in anime form, you will enjoy it. Especially when the characters don't behave like idiots like those from Avengers Assemble which I really dislike it. The whole show is full of Fanservice and if Toei wanted to make a sequel (provided the sales of the DISK toys are good which I doubt it) make more heroes and villains and please don't make Loki as the Big Bad since he is really overrated at this point.

The Power of Friendship, Teamwork and Anime Cliques!

Final Verdict: Good for your collection. Just watch the best episodes and you will be fine!

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  1. Thank you! Finally someone who thinks Akira and Iron-Man were annoying :)