Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Ep 19 Review: Back to the Future!

Hello everyone! This is my Sailor Moon Crystal episode 19 review and Chibi Usa is bringing everyone to the 30th Century!

Chibi Usa explained that her future was destroyed and she believe using the Silver Crystal from Usagi will bring back her family. Usagi and Minako tried to probe more but Chibi Usa was too scared to continue.

Instead, she insisted of staying with Mamoru and Usgai accused him of cheating with Chibi Usa (Face palm!) But Mamoru used his "Manhood" to win back Usgai and the next day, Chibi Usa decided to bring everyone to the future.

However the girls and Mamoru got separated with Chibi Usa and was confronted by Sailor Pluto who is the sole guardian of time and space. But Chibi Usa stopped her and surprisingly comforted Chibi Usa who is revealed to be a Princess AKA Small Lady.

Sailor Pluto allowed access to the future where Neo Tokyo (as it is called) is a living hell. They were ambushed by Desmeraude and her henchmen but Tuxedo Kamen heard a voice to overcome the trap. They defeated the henchmen and found Chibi Usa's mother lying in a crystal coffin-Neo Queen Serenity, a kitten named Diana and the voice earlier-A white Tuxedo Kamen...

Among the Outer Senshi, I always have a crush on Sailor Pluto since she has a mature vibe which turned me on. Given that it was Madea Ai voicing her, she portray a much older Karen/Cure Aqua which actually suit her. Her role is to protect the passage of time and space and she waste no time beating Sailor Moon and the others with her "Death Scream" attack. Although I still prefer the classic version with her whispering the attack and blasting in everyone's faces. Despite her cold tone, she tried to reprimand Chibi Usa for stealing one of her time keys but instead give her a hug to show her concerns.

Chibi Usa also showed her weak side as everyone desperately wanted to know the truth of the Black Moon Clan and her motives. But instead, the only person she found comfort is Mamoru and he actually treated her like a daughter. (Foreshadowing!) Usagi is still annoying as ever and go so far as to accuse Mamoru of being a lolicon! Usagi deserved to get slap but Mamoru is too nice a guy and he prove her wrong by using his "manhood" to win her back. (I rather sleep with Minako or Sailor Pluto instead!)

Overall, I give this a episode a B plus with the plus of seeing the first of the Outer Senshi-Sailor Pluto. She is great and badass unlike the inner Senshi who are all goody two shoes. Yeah, I like the Outer Senshi a bit more because they have better personalities and "no-nonsense" attitude. Sailor Moon didn't even defeat the henchmen, it was Sailor Venus and Tuxedo Kamen of all people and her character is getting from bad to worse. There were even some silly moments when Usagi and Mamoru have typical anime expressions which throw off the tension for a second which I dislike it.

With the appearance of Neo Queen Serenity and a White Tuxedo Kamen in front of them, we have to wait two weeks to find out the truth of what happened in the 30th Century! Until then, see you in two weeks time!

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  1. Yeah, this version of Sailor Moon is the worst version of Sailor Moon (and the Inners aren't goody two shoes <________<).