Monday, April 6, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 10 Top 3 Moments and Review: The Secret Garden

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 10 and the search for the new Dress Up Keys begin!

No 3: The Mysterious Caretaker Shirogane.

Ninja Granny!?

Basically the girls received a message from Kanata and he told them the new Dress Up keys are located somewhere in the school. The clue was "Where Dreams gathered" and later Yui mentioned that she spotted Shirogane entering the forest and carrying a special key on her necklace.

Haruka and the others realised that they knew little about Shirogane and Minami even speculated that Shirogane could have be a descendant of Ninjas. They followed her to the forest but she gave them the slip until they found a secret passage behind the wall.

No 2: The Secret Garden and the Wall of Dreams.

The girls arrived at a large garden and Haruka could named every flower around them. (Tsubomi from Heart Catch might also get excited seeing such a sight too.) They saw a windmill house and discovered the graduates from their school wrote their future dreams on the wall. Shirogane then appeared and explained that once a student graduate, they went to the house and write their dreams on a panel of the wall.

Shirogane then used the key she is holding to open the windows, making the walls glittered. She even told the girls that she was the first batch of graduate to graduate when their school was built and has since became the guardian in protecting the secret garden. Suddenly their Dress Up Keys reacted to something on the wall but Close has discovered the place.

No 1: The girls' combination attacks and the new Dress Up keys.

Close who was furious of his last failure found the secret garden and turned the windmill house into a Zetsuborg. Yui who has been trailing Haruka also saw them too. Haruka and the others has no choice but to transform in front of her.

Cure Flora tried her special attack but the Zetsuborg is too strong because of the amount of dreams and trapped the three Precures. However thanks to their will power, they overcame it and combine their special attacks and defeated the Zetsuborg.

Toei couldn't even bother to do a close up of the Ice Key...

The girls also found their new Dress Up Keys-Rose Key for Haruka, Ice Key for Minami and Luna Key for Kirara. They decided to tell Yui the truth when suddenly Dyspear appeared in the sky and is prepare to punish Close...

As the saying goes-it is always the quiet one you have to be careful. In this case, it was Shirogane and she is an unbelievable person. I wonder why did she volunteered to become the guardian of the secret garden after graduating? Is there something that happened in her life that make her decided the descion?

The Wall of Dreams is pretty interesting since Minami's older brother and Kirara's mother also wrote their dreams on the wall after they graduated and guess what, they did became successful in their lives. Maybe this Wall of Dreams really make wishes come true.

The girls' combination attacks was all right but the more important thing is they found their new Dress Up Keys although the end card never show the new keys. Instead, Yui who has just discovered their secret identifies, what will her reaction be? I know some fans are speculating whether Yui will become Cure Scarlet but in my opinion, I think not.

Yui has more of an introvert personality and Cure Scarlet looked more aggressive in her appearance. Even if Yui got mind controlled, she has to undergo a very drastic change to become Cure Scarlet mainly she has to play the violin like in the opening which is out of character.

Overall, I give this episode an A since we are back on track in finding the new Dress Up Keys and discovering more about Shirogane and Yui knowing the girls' secret identifies. Kanata also discovered the new Crystal Rods and he probably passed them to the girls in a future episode.

But from the next episode preview, Dyspear had enough of Close's failures and decided to turn him into a mindless monster and goes on a rampage. Can the girls be able to stop a crazed Close? What are the powers of the new Dress Up Keys? Find out more next week! Until then, Gokigenyou!

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  1. From the previews, I thought this was going to be a fairly standard episode with the exception that the girls discover a new Dress Up Key. Boy, was I wrong - this was a game changer episode. All three get new keys, Yui (and likely Shirogane-san) now knows the girls' secret, Dyspear makes her appearance, and Kanata is about to bestow them with the Crystal Princess Rods. I agree that the combined attack was not terribly spectacular, but the follow-up of all three saying "Gokigenyou" was pretty darn'd cute. :-)