Monday, April 27, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 13 Top 3 Moments and Review: Melody of the Twilight Princess

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 13 and it is the beginning of the Dark Princess Twilight Arc!

No 3: Haruka trying to learn to play the Violin.

After seeing a masked violist playing in front of her, Haruka decided to learn to play the violin. Minami brought her to see her violin instructor, Nishikido who owned a violin house. Haruka was allowed to choose a violin to practice (which happened to be Nishikido's first hand made violin) and asked Shamour to teach her. Minami and Kirara could played the violin well but Haruka's first try was so bad that it knocked Shamour off stage. (Just like Giant from Doraemon with his horrible singing voice!)

No 2: Haruka's encounter with the masked violist.

Haruka meet the masked violist again and even taught her how to play the violin (with evil intentions) Everyone went to take a look at her and no one could recognise her however Puff could sense an evil aura from the violist. (Actually it is no brainier for the viewers since the opening already spoil the suspense of who she is) Did anyone had a yuri moment when the masked violist went behind Haruka's back to guide her on the violin?

No 1: Meet Princess Twilight, Daughter of Dyspear!

As expected, the masked violist is Dyspear's daughter, Twilight and she appeared in front of the girls together with Shut. Twilight has her own Dress Up key which she used it to increase Shut's powers. Shut turned Nishikido into a Red Zetsuborg with more power than before. Although in the end, the girls defeated the Red Zetsuborg but Twilight claimed the Precures are not real princesses and she will defeat them eventually.

So we begin the long running arc (hopefully not) of Twilight becoming the rival to Cure Flora and how their ideals will conflicted each other in future episode. Her appearance was typical for an evil princess of darkness and the blue flames keep reminding me of Ao no Exorcist. (Blue Flames are usually used by the Devil himself so yeah, evil!)

Twilight is voiced by Miss Versatile, Sawashiro Miyuki who has probably played every kind of roles in anime-From young boys to handsome teens, good and bad girls roles even crazy, psychotic ones. So here as Twilight was a perfect match for her as her presence already make Shut fall in love with her. Who is going to think that in the future, Shut will do something crazy to win her heart or rather Twilight make use him to defeat the Precures?

There are some theories going around that Twilight and Kanata are siblings and Dyspear might be their mother who got turned to evil by some unknown force. Didn't we see that in Doki Doki and Suite? Hope Toei try something original since Go Princess Precure has been an interesting ride than Happiness Charge and Doki Doki. Overall, I give this episode a B plus since we have not know the full extent of Twilight's power but she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

So Haruka's rivalry with Twilight continue in the next episode as the school is having a family day and Haruka's family has come to visit her. However Haruka's younger sister was not happy to see her again. Find out more in the next episode! Until then, Gokigenyou!


  1. Great review! I also think that Twilight and Kanata might be siblings and Dyspear is their mother, but I also think that rather Twilight possibly turning into Cure Scarlet, Twilight was already a cure before she turned evil, hence why she has a dress up key already. Maybe it turned evil right along with her. Cant wait to see more

  2. Personally Twilight looks betters as a pony... I mean, She looks better with out her mask.