Monday, May 4, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 14 Top 3 Moments and Review: Family Ties

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 14 and it is Family Day at Nobel Academy!


No 3: Haruka's family come to visit her on Family Day.

Haruka Doriyaki-I wonder will the Precure Store in Japan will make a real one?

I really giggle when Haruka's father Ibuki rushed to hug her when they arrived at the front entrance. Her father was really like an overprotective father. Although I like his friendliness when he started giving his self made Doriyaki to everyone in school. (The Doriyaki all had a face of Haruka imprinted on it) Even Yui claimed it was delicious and it make Haruka all embarrassed. (Fun fact that Ibuki is voiced by Matsumoto Yasunori who also did Nobita's father in Doraemon who also like Doriyaki.)

No 2: Meet Haruka's younger sister, Momoka.

Momoka and Haruka's relationship is the spotlight for this episode since she was very unhappy to see her again. After several attempts to make her at home, Momoka suddenly lashed out at Haruka and her friends which got Haruka to reprimand her. Momoka ran away and dropped her gift to Haruka.

Later, Kirara found her at the beach and she learned that Momoka felt betrayed that Haruka had left her but Kirara consoled her that her own mother was unable to come due to her work. Kirara might felt sad but she still love her mother and support her dreams as a super model. Even Minami gave a pep talk to Haruka about her older brother went to study at Nobel Academy and she was sad at first. But she soon got over it and started supporting her brother.

No 1: Twilight turned Haruka's family into a Zetsuborg and Cure Flora is pissed!

As expected, Twilight gave Shut a power up to turn Haruka's family into a Zetsuborg. When they were fighting, Momoka's gift came out which is a tiara for Haruka. Cure Flora was really angry and actually became stronger against the Zetsuborg which surprised Twilight too.

Even through the girls defeated the Zetsuborg and saved Haruka's family, I am sensing that Cure Flora and Twilight's rivalry will escalated further since Twilight was aiming for her family which is expected for a manipulative villain. (Until Twilight redeemed herself in a future episode)

Overall, I gave this episode a B plus. It was fun to see Haruka's family interacting with everyone and their dreams was hoping to see Haruka as a real princess before turning into a Zetsuborg. In the aftermath, Haruka wore the Tiara made by Momoka during her ballet performance and she cheered for Haruka after the performance. (Momoka's seiyu is actually Matsura Ayu who did the young girl in Usagi Drops a few years ago. I know she is not really a professional seiyuu though it is probably Toei's decision to hire a cheaper person since we had already quite a number of good and veteran seiyuu in the show.)

Puff looked like Chibi Usa! (Cute!)

Next episode, we have the Mascots episode with Puff and Aroma revealing their human forms! What crazy antics will happen when two kids run around in the school? Find out more next week! Until then, Gokigenyou!

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