Monday, April 13, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 11 Top 5 Moments and Review: The New Power! Princess Crystal Rod!!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 11 and we got a lot of great moments in this episode!

No 5: Trapped in Zetsuborg Subspace.

Dyspear decided to give Close one last chance and she send everyone including Yui and the Mascots into Zetsuborg Subspace where the Zetsuborg's strength increase tenfold similar to the Saiark influences in the Blue Sky Kingdom. The three Precures tried to use their new keys however nothing happened and had to fight in default.

But in this case, both Cure Mermaid and Cure Twinkle actually hold on their own against their Zetsuborg opponents and even defeated them! Yui and the Mascots actually spend half of the episode hiding from the Zetsuborg though I wonder what happen to it after the end of the episode? Probably got blown up like the rest. Luckily the Zetsuborg Subspace is not as bad as the Saiark influences since that caused everyone power to drop to 1/1000.

No 4: Yui learned more about the Precures and Kanata.

This was a funny scene especially when both Puff and Aroma tried to hide their true identifies from Yui. Aroma tried to talk like a parrot while Puff meow like a cat which is a hilarious face palm! Even Yui didn't fall for Puff's charades.

When they were hiding from the Zetsuborg, Kanata communicated them through the Princess Pad and told them about the Princes Crystal Rod and how to use it. (Basically it is the usual Believe in your Dreams talk!)

No 3: Cure Flora vs Power Up Close.

This is a pretty good fight since Close is completely obsessed of killing Cure Flora as she was responsible for ruining his plans in the first episode. Close became more muscle bound with wings behind his back. His powers even overwhelmed all three Precures and knocked them down to the ground!

When the three Precures used their "Dream" energy to break the Subspace, Close became a giant Crow monster and stop the energy beam without a sweat. He then retaliate by knocking the girls down three times!

No 2: Believe in your dream again!

Cure Flora nearly gave up but thanks to Yui who saved her from certain death. Yui then thanked Cure Flora for protecting her dreams and decided to help her to achieve her dreams. Cure Mermaid and Cure Twinkle also joined in and together broke the Subspace which allowed Kanata to send the Princess Crystal Rods to them.

No 1: The New Power! The Princess Crystal Rod!

Of course, the girls got their new merchandise...I mean new powers and guess what? It is used together with the new keys! The three Precures got a new dress form and a new combination attack-Precure Trinity Lumiere which resembled Fresh Precure's Rod weapons.

I loved how they formed the shape of a crown with the Crystal Rod and blast it at Close. Even the final blow is the twirling of their Rods and Close actually die which is like the first in Precure history where a general died (Not purified) pretty early in the series.

I had so much fun watching this episode from the moment Dyspear appeared in front of them. I like how Cure Twinkle decided to act first and fired Twinkle Humming at Dyspear (Twinkle shoot first! Star Wars fans will know what I am talking about!) thinking she can end the battle quickly.

The fight between Cure Flora and Close is the main highlight and I know that Close will behave like a crazed Adachi from Persona 4 when he is pushed to a corner. Truth enough, he throw all his rage at Cure Flora since he blamed her for using such desperate measures. I got a feeling that Dyspear knew it is a one way trip for Close in the Subspace since using such powers could mean death and from the way how the Trinity Lumiere finish him off at full power, Close is really gone.

Looking at how Cure Flora looked at all the fallen feathers after Close's death, she felt a sense of sadness since she has to take a life to save herself and everyone. It is like Cure Flora wish there was another way she could save Close despite the number of times they met. Even Dyspear was filled with hatred after Close's death and I am pretty sure she is planning something more sinister to defeat the girls.

With Yui now learning the girls' secret identifies, she can actually act as a more supportive role now especially when the girls need to bail out from classes to save the day on a regular basics. Furthermore, she is the one who actually deliver the motivate speech to Cure Flora and lend her strength to get the Crystal Rod.

I am aware that a new general, Twilight will be appearing to take over Close's place and she is rumored to be the Princess of the Zetsuborg and is the masked girl with the violin from the opening.

After two intense episodes, we are back to our normal filler and this time is Kirara who has to partner with a popular Idol from school in a television program. However the Idol has some plans to humiliate Kirara. Find out more next week!

Oh yeah...this episode is not just an A plus three Princess Crystal Rods up! Gokigenyou!

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  1. In futari wa & splash stars the generals die each 6-8 chapters, close is not the first but is greay see this again.