Monday, March 9, 2015

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Ep 17 Review: Fall of Jupiter

Hello everyone! This is my Sailor Moon Crystal episode 17 review and today's focus is on Makoto/Sailor Jupiter who caught a cold?!

Like the previous two episodes, Makoto caught a cold and ignore it until Mamoru's junior, Asuma took her back home to rest. She told Asuma that her only family now is Usagi and company since she was orphaned at a young age.

This of course awoken Asuma's courage to tell Makoto that he will take care of her and she gave him a kiss on his forehead. Not before Asuma suspected that Makoto is involved with Ami and Rei's abductions. Earlier Asuma overheard Usgai and Mamoru talking with Luna at a cafe which for some reason, no one in the cafe except Asuma noticed that a talking cat was talking to the couple.

Of course, the Black Moon clan send their next general, Pertz who attacked Sailor Jupiter and her friends. The end result is expected with Sailor Moon killing off Pertz and Sailor Jupiter being taken away by the Black Moon clan. (Really predictable at this point now)

We also see Chibi Usa still refusing to tell Usagi her motives and is still butting heads with her. I am thinking that Usagi is really getting more and more annoying since the beginning of this arc as she get jealous very easily whenever Mamoru took sides with Chibi Usa and this episode showed no difference in their relationship since the fans knew what the final outcome will be between her and Usagi.

Overall, I give this episode a C. The only good thing was learning more of my favourite Sailor Senshi, Makoto/Sailor Jupiter and she giving a kiss on Asuma's forehead was really sweet of her. (Should have been me, hehehe!) Other than that, the whole episode was really padding until the next episode which focus on my other favourite Senshi, Sailor Venus/Minako. But seriously, do we have to wait till Sailor Venus got abducted and then Sailor Moon realised she should asked Chibi Usa in the first place? Until then, see you in the next episode in two weeks' time! 

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