Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kantai Collection Ep 10 Review: The Training Episode!

Hello everyone! This is my Kantai Collection episode 10 review and how Fubuki got remodel in this episode?

Fubuki was so obsessed in training hard that she ignore her friends which worried Mutsuki. During a scouting mission with the old third torpedo team, Fubuki tried to deal with a small group of Abyssals alone and nearly got overwhelmed.

She suffered near fatal injuries but survived. Mutsuki scolded her for pushing herself too hard. However their conflict was resolved after Fubuki realised she had make her worried. She even told Mutsuki that the Admiral told her that he saw her in his dreams which is why he is betting her as the key to the upcoming battles.

A very Scary Akagi!

But I thought I will get a Boobs Job!

Akagi decided to take Fubuki as part of her fleet but not before her and Kaga tested her. Both of them didn't hold back and after much effort, Fubuki passed the test and got remodelled to Fubuki Kai. Although she was disappointed that she didn't grew in size like Yudachi...

Fubuki in this episode was pushing herself or some might said "grinding" to get herself remodel. However she pushed herself too hard and nearly got killed. Mutsuki who was quietly observing her finally snapped and scolded Fubuki for being obsessive in her remodeling.

Although they finally sat down and make up, Fubuki's words about why the Admiral choose her was kinda of ambiguous. One, this show make the mistake of not having the Admiral a speaking role so the viewers are unsure if he really meant that he "need" Fubuki as the key player in the fleet or he just want to bang her since we see Fubuki fantasizing herself in a wedding dress behind a city skyline. This also make clear that the show is taken place in modern times and the Kan Musume are like the secret weapons to defend the oceans.

Then we had Akagi making the choice of attaching Fubuki to her fleet but Kaga was initially against the idea. Although it is strange because Kaga was with Fubuki for some time and she knew that Fubuki can carried on her own to lead a fleet so why she is against it now? Maybe she think that Akagi is too important for Fubuki to shoulder the responsibilities of protecting her sister carrier. So Akagi and Kaga took the task of testing Fubuki's skills and with a bit of luck and guts, Fubuki passed the test and finally got herself remodelled.

A Blushing Nagato..GREAT!!!

It was a bit silly that Fubuki was expecting herself to change her appearance once she got remodelled but that's how she looked like in the actual game. With Fubuki finally remodelled, Nagato gave the orders to attack the Abyssals main base in the next episode! With two episodes left, can the girls defeat the Abyssals and protect the oceans? See you next week to find out in Operation MI!

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