Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kantai Collection Ep 8 Review: Welcome to Hotel Yamato!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my review of Kantai Collection episode 8 and the girls are having some R and R at their new base!

Fubuki and her team arrived at Tusk Island where their new forward base is located. They were welcome by Yamato who headed the base. Everyone enjoyed the facilities which Kongo described as a hotel and got Yamato a little pissed claiming it is not a hotel.

That's a big steak!!

Oh Kaga, you are so sweet!

Everyone from the original base also stationed here and Kaga finally make peace with Zuikaku despite acting all cool about it. Fubuki learned about Yamato is actually the strongest battleship but has no combat experiences. Fubuki tried to help Yamato in going to the sea but was warned by Nagato twice.

Later Fubuki tried to show Yamato the ocean (By pulling her boat despite Yamato being heavy) Mutsuki and Yudachi went to assist her which got Yamato all excited. Suddenly a small fleet of Abyssals planes were approaching them and the girls' cannons are out of their targeting ranges. Yamato decided to help and fired her main cannons, destroying the planes with one shot.

All we need is Yamato to get the Wave Motion Cannon and my life is complete!

Nagato was onshore when they returned back but she didn't reprimand them and told them dinner is ready. Yamato was happy that she got a chance to go to the sea even it was a short trip...

I never expected we are getting a beach episode as the girls relaxed at their new base. Before I talk about Yamato, we see that Kaga is actually praising Zuikaku for a job well done from the previous episode which took Zuikaku aback. However Akagi teased Kaga for being nice to someone else.

Who is the biggest eater!?

Speaking of Akagi, did you see the amount of food she ate? A large piece of steak, a mountain of meat and vegetables, eating up all the rice with Yamato and finishing her omelet rice in an instant. There should be a eating competition between her and Yamato on who is the biggest eater and guess what, they never grew fat at all! (The power of the Flash's metabolism!)  

Nagato...I love you!


Nagato was being all strict on Yamato and Fubuki when they want to go out to sea. I can understand that Yamato is the final trump card and if the Abyssals find out about her, it could mean disaster for the fleet. Second, Yamato has no combat experiences which is suicidal and she use up a lot of energy and resources even for a short trip and they are clearly running out of resources. Of course, we finally see Nagato acting all girly when she hugged a squirrel in the bathroom. Mutsu later teased her and her expression is priceless!

Now we talk about Yamato! Voiced by the lovely Takatatsu Ayana (Azusa of K-On) her presence is the perfect Yamato Nadeshiko (The Ideal Japanese Woman) and a nice set of boobs...I mean Cannons! She actually dream of going out to sea with her fellow comrades however her order is stay and facilitate the base. Fubuki could empathise her feelings and tried her best to help her. However it got Fubuki punished and only the second time (with some annoying Abyssals planes), Yamato showed off her cannons and took down the enemies with one shot!

Oh yeah, why she hated being called a hotel is because the real Yamato battleship has very good facilities than most other ships and the sailors called it the Yamato Hotel which is based on a real hotel in China during World War 2.

For such an upright person, Nagato has a sexy swimsuit!

Overall, I give it an A minus! It is nice to see the girls having some R and R time (Seeing the girls in swimsuits and is Nagato wearing a thong?!) Yamato was fun to watch and show what she can do in battle. If I have one grip is where do their armaments come and go to? The first scene when Fubuki and company arrived on the beach, their armaments were not with them. It was not even placed on the beach itself. Later when Yamato was sitting on the boat, she was not wearing her armaments but the next moment, she was wearing it and fired at the enemies. How did they do that?

One thing this show never explain is how their technology came about and what can it do. If you have an explanation about it, leave it in the comments section otherwise, I will said it is lazy writing for this nitpick. Next episode, the girls are going for some remodeling, Poi!

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