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Quick Picks: Kantai Collection Ep 3, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 42, Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Ep 3, Dog Days S3 Ep 3

Kantai Collection Ep 3: Fubuki and her team arrived at the briefing room for Nagato to brief on the operation. Mutsuki met her fellow senior, Kisaragi who is in the fourth squadron and they were excited to see each other.

After Nagato explained the operation, Fubuki was nervous of the operation and everyone tried to give her words of encouragement. Later Fubuki learned from Mutsuki that she was once like her however Kisaragi gave her encouragement and which she hope to pay back some day.

The next day, Fubuki went to train herself in the docks when she met Akagi. She claimed Mutsuki came looking for her hoping to advise Fubuki on what to do. She told Fubuki to be confident and live every day the fullest as they will never know when it will be their last day.

Soon the operation begin and Fubuki and her team observed the Abyssal from afar. However they were spotted by a scout plane and they were forced to pull back. They were suddenly boxed in from both sides and they tried their best to defend themselves with Kisaragi's team racing to aid them.

RIP Kisargi... (Sunk on 22.01.2015)

Mutsuki nearby got hit by a bomber when Fubuki rushed in to take it out. Suddenly Kongo and her team has arrived as reinforcements and chase the Abyssal away. Kisaragi was about to retreat when she was hit by a stray bomber and sunk into the ocean.

Later, Fubuki's team were welcomed by the other girls and Mutsuki was wondering where is Kisaragi. She and Fubuki went to see if she is returning back however Nagato has already reported to the Admiral that Kisaragi has been KIA and her body could not be recovered...

So if you think this show is all fun and games, think again. Already the third episode and we have our first casualty-Kisaragi and Mutsuki was about to tell her feelings to her after the operation. But now all the team have is her memories. I did some research about the actual Kisaragi battleship and apparently it really got sunk by a bomber and the operations they had was based on the battle of Wake Island which in the show is called W Island. (I know there are some Kisaragi fans which are probably are in rage mode now that she died.)

Akagi's words to the two girls also meant something serious which the Kan Musume need the will to resolve. They are girls who are forced to become soldiers and every battle they sortie could be their last. Akagi told the two girls that they should tell their feelings to the people they love and care before it is too late but now Mutsuki is probably moaning for Kisaragi who had taken care of her for so long and is regretful that she can't tell her feelings to her anymore. Overall, a good episode with a dark tone at the end but next week, Kongo and her sisters are coming in to give Fubuki and company into shape!

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 42: Blade is hunting down Baron Blood and his vampires in the city. Meanwhile, the kids arrived at a museum after closing hours which Iron Man claimed he created the first automatic security system for the museum.

After admiring a rare jewel known as the Rainbow's tears, they heard a scream and split up to investigate. Akira could hear his friends' screams after that and went to search for them. He was confronted by vampires and Ed started attacking him for no reason. Jubei also appeared and he had the Rainbow's tears together with Baron Blood.

Akira then saw his brother and his friends turning against him when suddenly Blade arrived. He told him that his friends are already vampires and there is no way to revert back to normal. Blade tried to attack them but Akira stopped him. Blade proved his point by activating the sprinklers which released holy water. The vampires and the kids were affected by it which Akira was angry that he called out Iron Man.

Iron Man destroyed the sprinklers and Baron Blood, Jubei and the affected kids retreated. The rest of the vampires started attacking the two heroes and Blade told Iron Man to attack them with "Silver." Iron Man nearby got bitten but thanks to his armor, the vampire broke his own fangs while trying to bit him. Akira threw a silver sword to him and took down the vampires together with Blade.

Later at the mansion, Blade explained to Akira that his mother was bitten by a vampire and died after giving birth to him. He swore to kill every last vampire on Earth for causing the death of his mother. Iron Man checked the security cameras from the museum and discovered that Hikaru and the rest are not bitten by vampires but were mind controlled by Baron Blood into thinking they are vampires. Akira realised they have a chance in saving the others if they can defeat Baron Blood first...

Blade is pretty cool in this episode since Toei is not afraid to show him slicing off vampires which they completely turned into ashes after killing them. Baron Blood is more of a Captain America's villain then Blade's rogues gallery. Maybe they couldn't get the right to use Deacon Frost who is Blade's adversary or Deacon is too matured for a kid's show like this. I was laughing myself when a vampire tried to bite Iron Man's neck and had his fangs destroyed and guess a normal 14th century silver sword is deadly to vampires or rather silver objects which is their weakness. So how is Akira, Iron Man and Blade going to save the other kids but instead the mind controlled kids are right in front of their door step! Can they defeat Baron Blood before it is too late? Find out in the next episode!

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Ep 3: Uzuki, Rin and Mio prepare themselves to train with Mika but were confronted by Miku who challenged Mio to a game of Jenga. Soon their instructor and Mika arrived and they began their practices.

However the three girls were tired out and Takeuchi was worried if the girls could pull off as Mika's backup dancers. As the days goes by, the girls got better and the rest of the members were envious that the trio will be performing live. (Miku challenge Mio on a regular basics and Anya spoke in Japanese while giving them mineral water to drink)

Finally the day of the concert arrived and the girls went with Takeuchi to the venue. They met the more senior idols who are performing with Mika and they welcome them. During the rehearsal, they had a stage fright when they were evaluate up from the trap door which affected the rehearsal. They all had cold feet especially Mio who became very quiet all of a sudden.

But Takeuchi spoke to two senior idols and they gave words of encouragement just in time for them to perform with Mika. The performances went well and Mika introduced the trio to the audiences and they busted in joy on how fun it was to be on stage. After the concert, Takeuchi and the rest of the members congrats the trio and they were glad they became an idol...

Our three main girls finally got their debut to appear on stage as idols and I was thinking that they might screw up the performances but thanks to the senior idols' advices (which they suggest the girls shouted out their favourite foods before appearing on stage) and Takeuchi's keen observation, the performance was a success. I think Mio was affected the most before they went out.

Despite Mio being the most lively one, her mind went blank and was out of character before the performance. Rin actually pulled herself together and dragged the other two backstage. I had to mention that Rin has good vocal cords when she sang Mika's song which it is obvious she is a Chihaya lookalike. Uzuki is like Haruka with her positive attitude and Mio is like Miki with her energetic personality.

We also see that Miku is pretty childish since she keep challenging Mio on different games-Jenga and Rubik cube. Kanako is the nice girl who offered them snacks to eat but their trainer remind her of her waistline. Anya is sweet despite having a language barrier. She usually spurt out Russian words which confused the others but she tried her best to speak in Japanese and they were happy for her that she can communicate proper Japanese. This show also introduce the trainer's sister who look alike and Mio gave her a nickname-Rookie Trainer which I think it is a pretty dumb nickname. Overall, a good episode as Uzuki, Rin and Mio as they took their first step into becoming idols...

Dog Days S3 Ep 3: The three kingdoms assembled their troops near the dragon forest and Rico and Noir briefed everyone on the situation. Their forces are to set a defensive line to protect the three guardian dragons while the heroes and Sharu are to locate the Dragon Eater which is the source of the demons.

Everyone began to fight to protect the guardian dragons and Yukikaze has just arrived to pass something important to the heroes. After much struggle, Shinku and the others located the Dragon Eater but it's defences are too tight to pass through. Suddenly the Hero Crystal which Yukikaze is carrying reacted to Shinku's feelings and granted him his True Hero form. Yukikaze was happy to see him and she gave two new jewels for Becky and Nanami to activate True Hero form.

With their new powers, they finally break through the defences and Sharu fired her holy arrow into the exposed core. The Dragon Eater is finally destroyed and the animals were freed from the demons' controls. The sky was filled with the positive energy that the Dragon Eater absorbed before and it cause everyone's enchanted armor and equipments to be destroyed, leaving everyone naked.

Soon, everyone returned to their countries and Sharu thanked Shinku for protecting the forest. He asked if he could come again but she said it is forbidden for them to return again. However she will come to see him once everything has settled in the forest...

This is what I want to see in the previous season-a no nonsense action adventure as everyone joined forces to defeat a common enemy. Becky and Nanami also received their True Hero crystals and they turned into lovely ladies. The Dragon Eater is oddly enough looked like a giant bug with a mushroom on it's back but it was completely defeated once Shinku and company defeated it with ease. Of course being a light hearted show, everyone's clothes got destroyed which was hilarious. So now with this short arc ended, what will happen now? Sharu will probably get to see Shinku again since she is infatuated with him. (Shinku, you honry dog!) but is the dangers truly over which I am guessing this is just the beginning for our heroes!

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