Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Ep 16 Review: A Game of Mercury

Hello everyone! This is my Sailor Moon Crystal episode 16 review and what happen next after Sailor Mars got abducted by the Black Moon Clan.

Chibi Usa has a lot of secrets that she refused to tell especially when Sailor Moon got emotional after Sailor Mars' abduction. It was only after a little puppet talk from Mamoru and Luna that Chibi Usa was willing to reveal a bit about herself.

As the title episode focus on Sailor Mercury, Ami actually gain some heighten senses on the flow of water. She also reveal that her parents were divorced and her interest in swimming and chess were from her father who left her at a young age. But when the next Spectres Sisters, Berthier challenge Ami in a game of chess, Ami nearly fell for her trap but thanks to an annoying Usagi and friends who cheer her on, she quickly win the game.

Ami also show off her new powers as Sailor Mercury like the Shine Snow Illusion and her clone copy abilities. Of course, Sailor Mercury got captured even after defeating Berthier and the episode ended the same way as the previous one.

I am actually fine with giving the rest of the girls some character developments after Usagi and Mamoru took up for the first half of the series. At least we did see a more fragile side of Ami and how she felt insecure after her parents' divorce as a child. Chibi Usa also started to open up to Mamoru and her belief that Sailor Moon will saved her parents (Wait till the girls find up who the parents were, their expressions will be priceless)

I am getting a feeling that although the fighting scenes is nice in the visual however the enemy seem to be defeated pretty easily by Sailor Moon's final attack. Is it because Sailor Moon was so strong that it is a one hit kill or just lazy writing from Toei to end the episode quicker? I am guessing the latter.

Overall I give this episode a B. The only good points are Ami's family life and Chibi Usa revealing more of herself. As the next episode indicate it is focusing on Makoto and her relationship with one of Mamoru's juniors. Until then, see you in the next episode!

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