Sunday, February 22, 2015

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Ep 7 Review: It's the Smiles that Counts!

Hi everyone! This is my Idolmaster Cinderella Girls episode 7 review and what happen after Mio walk out in front of Takeuchi after his comments? Let's find out!

Mio refused to talk to Takeuchi despite him calling her and even visiting her at home. Uzuki and Rin wanted to help but Takeuchi wanted to handle her himself. After Uzuki fell sick at home, Rin confronted Takeuchi and asked if he know what he is doing to keep this group together.

However he was too stubborn to admit his mistakes and Rin commented that he is just running away from his problems. That got Rin to walk out on him and worried everyone else in the project. Later Takeuchi visited Uzuki at her home and learned that she felt that she didn't perform well in the mini concert but she is willing to improve the next time around and always smile (or being positive) every time they perform.

Takeuchi realised what her words meant and went to find Mio. He explained that his comments on it's natural for them actually mean he is happy for their performances. He even show proof of the photos he took for the concert and the audiences were smiling for them despite the small number. Mio felt awkward for her behaviour and even went to persuade Rin to join back. Rin claimed she wanted to trust Takeuchi so that she won't regret joining as an idol. Takeuchi agreed to improve on his character and the girls try one more time to be the spotlight again...

Overall, I gave this episode a B plus and throughout the whole episode, the mood was dark and gloomy since it was raining almost the entire episode. When Rin commented Takeuchi was running away from his problems, a little flashback was shown him making some girls (potential idols) cried in tears and running away. I am guessing that he had bad experiences in managing which caused his character to be deadpan and direct. Even their boss told the other girls about Takeuchi's past experiences (in a fantasy manner) that he do care for the girls that he managed.

Mio also felt embarrassed after realising she is taking her career a little too serious and didn't think clearly enough. It is not how many audiences you get in a performances but rather how well you can make the audiences happy enough to support you which is actually how true professionals does in real life. Rin's issues is more personal since she has yet to find her "Passion" as an idol but she trust Takeuchi in the first place to take her first step and he broke that promise in this episode. Luckily she is willing to give it another chance since both him and Mio came to look for her.

I am actually all right with our three main girls having some conflicts so early in the series as they learned how to work and understand each other better after this episode. Seeing at the end when the sun finally shine after the rain, the girls also take a new step to their idol career once more. Until then, see you in the next episode which will be aired in two weeks' time!

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