Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kantai Collection Ep 7 Review: The Light at the Squall

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who is celebrating it today! This is my Kantai Collection episode 7 review and it is about Fubuki's first mission as a flagship against the Abyssal.

During a patrol, Kaga got damaged after taking a torpedo which is meant for Zuikaku. Due to inadequate supplies of Instant repairs, Kaga has to remain in the repair docks for a while. Shoukaku volunteered to replace Kaga and both Zuikaku and Fubuki were blaming themselves.

Later, Fubuki received the orders to attack the Abyssals and learnt that the Abyssal may have figure out a way to decipher their codes. During the mission, Shoukaku and Zuikaku were left behind while the others headed to assist the Third division fleet. The two carriers were ambushed by a Abyssals fleet and Shoukaku got hit badly.

The two carriers rushed into the Squall (Basically heavy rain clouds) and the two of them took a gamble by deploying their planes the moment they are out of the squall. Luckily Fubuki and the others had returned and deal enough damages for the Abyssals to retreat. Kaga and Akagi learned about the mission success and Kaga claimed she trusted them in completing the mission...

If I were to compete both Kaga and Zuikaku, Kaga is the calm and logical one while Zuikaku is hot headed and brash. Like the first scene where Kaga took the hit was actually a last minute gamble. She even claimed she managed to sustain non vital damages by predicting the torpedo's angle and if Zuikaku took it, she will sink instantly.

Kaga's words about finding the one chance in a desperate situation was addressed later when Shoukaku got hit and the two carriers were outnumbered. Zuikaku understand what it meant and they took that chance. I am worried that one of them or both might died which will be depressing since I like both of them and even Akagi and Kaga who spent the entire episode soaking in the repair docks and Kaga in her heart, trusted her new team. Yes, even Zuikaku despite logging heads with her.

I really think that in this war, no one alone can be a hero as the Abyssal are getting smarter and more dangerous in every episode. Even Fubuki learned that the Abyssal might have already learned how to decipher their codes and it could mean danger for the entire fleet. Are we getting a Windtalkers scenario where the fleet have to protect the new codes from the Abyssals in the future? It will be interesting to see that but the casualty rate for that movie is pretty high.

Overall, I give this a solid A for this episode since it focus on two of my favourite sister carriers and the battle was really intense as the flagship of the Abyssal was pissed since Fubuki blinded one of her eyes. It looked like this Abyssal flagship is probably going to take revenge on her in a future episode. Although I am still wondering when are we going to see Yamato since we are already in the halfway mark of this series? Until then, see you in the next post!

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