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Go Princess Precure Ep 4 Top 3 Moments and Review: Twinkle Twinkle Awesome Star!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 4 and Kirara has the missing Princess Perfume bottle!

No 3: Let's go to Yumegahama Towm!

Don't you wish it was someone we know that sell donuts or takoyaki?

We finally get to see the town near the school and both Haruna and Minami were amazed by the sights and sounds. They even get to taste some donuts at a food truck. (I was expecting Kaoru from Fresh Precure or even Hikari from Max Heart to make a five second cameo) Minami even commented that she never ate a donut before which is expected from a girl who came from high society.

No 2: Meet Upcoming School Model, Amanogawa Kirara.

When Haruna and Minami saw Kirara holding the Princess Perfume bottle on the cover of a magazine, they went to look for her in her class. However Kirara was too focused on her modeling works than to entertain both of them. After a battle with a Zetsuborg in the town, Kirara returned the Princess Perfume to Cure Flora and Cure Mermaid and claimed she has no interest in fighting monsters.

Later, Haruka met her backstage during a fashion show and even brought donuts which Kirara fell for it. (Donuts do bring People together!) Kirara then told Haruka that she want to perform in a bigger and brighter stage for everyone to see her. During the second battle with a Zetsuborg, she even prove her courage by outsmarting the Zetsuborg with a crane and her dream of becoming the best model under the stars awaken the Dress up Key (which she found it earlier in her dressing room) and become Cure Twinkle!

No 1: Cure Twinkle's Maiden Battle!

Tiara on!

Kirara's transformation to Cure Twinkle is flashy unlike Cure Flora which is made of pretty flowers and Cure Mermaid's little water bubbles. Even her battle call was quick and snappy while the other two were more elegant and ladylike. Furthermore, Cure Twinkle was a quick learner (after seeing Cure Flora's special attack) and used her special attack-Twinkle Humming to defeat the Zetsuborg.


However even after Haruka and Minami returned to civilain form in front of Kirara, she insisted that she is still not interested in becoming a Precure due to her busy work schedule and returned the Princess Perfume to them, leaving them speechless...(Three times in this episode!)

Overall, I give this episode an A! In most Precure series, the girls who got chosen took it well in becoming a Precure and joined the team immediately. However Kirara reject the offer twice. Both reasons were her commitment in becoming a top model and she does not wish to be distracted. Even when Minami went to approach her the first time in class, she was too focused on her modeling work and didn't want to entertain her and Haruka.

Her peers in her class even told Haruka and Minami that she is unapproachable and always rushed to work after school. (I don't think the school will actually allow Kirara to work as a model since she is 13 years old unless she has special permission or this is anime and nobody give a damn about it) But I can understand that she want to work hard for her dream to become a top model however in the long run, it won't be healthy for her personal social life.

With Kirara refusing to become a Precure, how will Haruka and Minami able to convince her to join the team? Even the end shot of the three Dress Up Keys goes back to two like a joke to the audience. But as the next episode title state the three Precures assemble, it is no brainier that Kirara will eventually join them officially next week! Until then, see you in the next episode! Gokigenyou!

P.S: I am aware that there are some changes in the opening credits as more characters like Yui, Kisaragi, Azuma and Nishimine walking together with Haruka, Minami and the two mascots. Most probably Kirara will join the crowd in the opening credits next episode!

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