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Happiness Charge Precure Ep 49 FINAL: Happiness Forever Part 2

Cure Lovely became Forever Lovely with the wishes of everyone. She used her powers to free Seiji and the others as Red started battling her.

Both were equally matched and Red even overwhelm Forever Lovely in a test of strength.  Forever Lovely then realised that Red need smiles and laughter. Even when Planet Red was destroyed, Red always think about it in his heart and never forgotten the good things about Planet Red.

Forever Lovely started to overwhelm him with her feelings and Red started to feel fear. She told him that one person's strength is small but if everyone get together, they can accomplish anything and the feeling of love will last forever. She then gave him a warm hug and told him to believe in love again.

She then used her attack-Forever Happiness Shower on Red and he was finally defeated. The after effects of her attacks spread onto Planet Red and Earth where the Saiark were cleansed and retreat to the sky.

Red fell to the ground and realise how foolish he was. Cure Princess and the others welcome Forever Lovely and Red wondered what should he do now. Blue and Mirage arrived too and he is willing to help Red who is actually his elder brother. Everyone were surprised that they are siblings and explained that both Earth and Planet Red are sister planets.

Red then explained he was jealous of Blue who was able to protect Earth and he failed as a god of his own planet which got him twisted in the first place. Blue and Mirage decided to leave Earth to help Red rebuild the planet. FanFan decided to stay with Cure Honey and Mirage gave her blessings to him.

Blue told the girls that because of Cure Lovely's powers, she was able to revive the people who got corrupted and gave them a new purpose in life. He then gave the girls including Seiji five color balls as memento for protecting the Earth and entrust them in spreading love around. Blue finally send them back to Earth and they bid farewell to Planet Red.

Some time later, everything went back to normal and the three Saiark generals were reborn as humans. The girls and Seiji were walking to school and they stop at the bridge where Hime first met Megumi the first time. Yuko mentioned that Fanfan is now working as a trainee chef in her family eating house and Hime informed that she is staying on Earth despite her parents wanted her back in the kingdom.

As they continue to walk to school, Megumi and Seiji looked at the color balls that Blue gave to them and he asked what is her wish now that Blue has entrusted them. She claimed she will continue to protect the people she love and he agreed too...

We finally come to the end of this season of Precure and what an episode despite some minor nitpicking. I felt that the final battle with Red was pretty all right as there was a lot of hand to hand combat and Forever Lovely wasn't overwhelming Red in the beginning of the battle. But as the battle goes on, Cure Lovely realise that Red really need is someone to care for him. Rather than killing him, (which I don't think Forever Lovely has enough powers to become a God Killer) the power of love was a more effective way in realising his ways.

I have suspected as much that Red and Blue were connected and true enough they are siblings. When Red told them his reasons for hating Blue so much, I realised it is just a case of extreme sibling rivalry that went out of control. Red is a bad god who couldn't take care of his own planet and tried to push the blame on Blue and Blue himself did not solve the rivalry between his brother and instead entrusted young girls to do the "dirty work" for him. Worst Gods Ever!

The final scene with the girls walking to school was pretty different from most Precure finales. But it showed the girls' determination to protect the Earth when Blue is not around. Yuko is actually the luckiest one since Fanfan is staying with her and working as a trainee chef. He and Yuko can definitely get some "private time" together if you know what I mean. Hime's reason to stay on Earth is just the writers' lazy excuse in not having her royal parents coming to drag her back to the Kingdom which will become another sub plot.

Iona is the most undeveloped at the end and remain her usual self. Megumi and Seiji actually share a connection now and most likely they will get together in the future as seeing they are carrying a pink and blue ball. (which are the complete opposite colors)

Final Thoughts: After Mana/Cure Heart overwhelm with her Mary Sue personality, I was hoping for a more down to earth female lead in Megumi/Cure Lovely and true enough, Megumi is more realistic as a young girl who got thrust into become a super heroine by accident.

Let's start off with Megumi. In the beginning, she was entrusted in helping Hime accustomed into Earth's cultures and spend most of the time goofing around with Hime and her powers are the most ridiculous as a Green Lantern's Ring. However when she started having feelings for Blue and learning about his back story, she got the taste of first love. However her feelings was almost corrupted by Red but Seiji bring her back to her senses. The final battle with Red is more of showing him the good side of humans and used love and not hatred to defeat him. I will said Megumi is more of a pacifist who believe there is good in everyone.

Hime started off as a spoilt princess who has to learn the harsh truth after she accidentally released the Saiark into the world and her Kingdom was destroyed. She actually have to learn how to be a Precure with no training beforehand and her first few battles ended in failure. But after Megumi guiding her and her determination to save her kingdom, she has proven to be a valuable asset of the team. Although she still show off her arrogance in school and her peers but Hime never failed to put a smile on me when she is on screen.

Yuko has the best character development among the four girls. (Seriously, three times in a row after Cure Peace and Cure Rosetta, the yellow cures stole the show again?) She has a poker face most of the time but when the girls are having an argument, she step in as peacemaker and comfort everyone with her foods and sweets. She actually show concerns towards Fanfan when he was injured and heal him back. Fanfan tried to kill her during their final confrontation however her gentleness melt his heart and now they are staying together. (Yeah!)

Iona was a much better Purple cure than Cure Sword from last season. She started off as a lone wolf who is out for revenge after her sister got captured by FanFan. But Megumi, Yuko and even Hime whom she blamed her for releasing the Saiarks in the first place convince her that she can't fight this war alone. When her sister, Cure Tender returned brainwashed, it took everyone to work together to save Cure Tender. But once she was rescued, her role in the series became small and her relationship with Yuya was left undeveloped.

Seiji is probably the most active male lead in Precure history so far. Before that, every supporting male characters were reduced to one-off or complete useless characters. He learned about Megumi and Hime as Precures in the first three episodes and spent helping them in the sidelines. There were some episodes where he appeared but he never mentioned a single word at all but when he does do something, it is usually related to Megumi and his battles with the girls during his brainwash was pretty intense since he could easily go on par with them.

Blue is a very irresponsible god. First he got Mirage to become his Precure. Then when he rejected Mirage's love and she became evil. He tried to get rid of her by sealing her into the Axia box without thinking why did she became like that in the first place. Then the Saiark invaded the world, he spread his  "seeds" to unsuspecting young girls to become Precures to do his dirty work again. He didn't make clear his feelings with Megumi which I wonder why he couldn't sense that Seiji is actually angry with him for making "moves" on Megumi.

Red himself is like that jealous sibling you had who is envious that your sibling got full marks on a test paper and wanted to sabotage him. By means of sabotage is literately turning the girl who had a crush on him into an evil queen and destroying everything he hold dearly to. The Saiark generals are all right although Oresuki is my favourite general for this series since his actions and over the top speeches are fun to watch thanks to Koyasu Takehito's performances.

As this was the tenth anniversary of Precure, you think that the senior Precures that we all love and grow up with will joined the current team one way of another. However their appearances is only limited to the all stars movie which I enjoy it to some degree of it. Instead, we were introduced to International Precures around the world who has one lines or no lines at all which is a poor idea to go about it in the first place and a waste of undeveloped characters who appeared as stills.

Overall, the series has some good moments but a lot of wasted potential like the International Precures and the PreCards they collected in the first half of the series was totally irrelevant after that. The final scene was rather subtle than the last two seasons finale however it showed the girls' determination to protect the fragile peace they earned so hard.

Goodbye, Happiness Charge Precure! Hello, Go Princess Precure!

See you in the next All Stars Movie!

So we thank Happiness Charge Precure for the last one year and welcome Go Princess Precure next week to the Precure family! Until then, thank you once again, Happiness Charge Precure!

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