Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 48: Happiness Forever Part 1

The International Precures watched as the Red Moon is on a collusion with Earth. Red removed his cape and began fighting with the Happiness Charge team.

Red was giving a hard time for them and even preached that everything they believe are lies and illusions. However the girls pulled through and able to use Innocent Purification on him. They thought they defeated Red but he remain unscathed to the shock of everyone.

Red then went all out and took down everyone out, reverting them back to normal form. He then sealed Cure Princess, Honey and Fortune into mirrors. He tried to seal Cure Lovely but Seiji and the two mascots protected her and they got trapped instead.

Cure Lovely was shocked by it and Red finally explained why he was full of hatred. He was the god of this red moon named Planet Red. The inhabitants of the planet was wiped out a long time ago and Red was unable to protect the planet. He loathed Earth and Blue for everything Red was against it. He decided to destroy the Earth so that Blue will suffered the same pain of losing everything.

Cure Lovely felt empathy for Red since he bear all the pain and suffering by himself. She asked if there is any way to spare the Earth and Red went and hug her (To her surprise!) He want Cure Lovely to love him and they can die together.

Back on Earth, Cure Mirage met up with Cure Tender and the Aloha Precures. They watched as the Red Moon is closing fast and wondered if they could do anything. Blue suggested to have everyone pray and send their prayers to Cure Lovely on the moon.

Cure Lovely declined Red's love and claimed he is lying to himself as he does care for Planet Red like how Blue care for Earth. Red refused to listen and fired a blast at Cure Lovely. Suddenly the prayers of all the people on Earth were sent to Cure Lovely including her sealed friends. She took all their prayers and the Forever Lovely PreCard was formed.

She used the card and transform to Forever Lovely to face Red for the final showdown...

We finally knew why Red hated Blue so much and the reasons is more of jealously and envy. Red probably blamed himself for the destruction of Planet Red (which is a lazy name) and he is left with no one to even to talk together. I mean, all these years alone on this dead planet is bound to make a person go mad. Maybe he was just happen to look at Earth and Blue one day and was full of envy that Blue was happy which got him all twisted. If you looked at it another angle, Red isn't a very good god and took jealously to a whole new level.

The creation of Forever Lovely by all the prayers from Earth is similar to last night's Sailor Moon Crystal episode when Luna and the Sailor Guardian's prayers gave Sailor Moon enough strength to seal Queen Metaria. Did the writers of both series actually copy each other's ideas?

But will Forever Lovely be strong enough to save Red from his pain and prevent the Earth from being destroyed? Will Hime be able to find a boyfriend? Will Yuko and FanFan get together? Will Iona accept Yuya as her boyfriend? Will Blue finally settle down with Mirage? Will the PreCards they collected throughout this whole series be a waste of time? Find out in the Finale next week!

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