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Quick Picks: Kantai Collection Ep 2, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 41, Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Ep 2, Dog Days S3 Ep 2

Kantai Collection Ep 2: Fubuki begin the day by training by herself as she aimed to be a better Kan Musume. Although she is very knowledge in her academies but she still has problems in combat training.

She decided to look for Akagi for advice and found her resting at the repair dock. Although Fubuki didn't have a chance to ask for advice but she enjoy her company. Later that night, Sendai dragged Fubuki for night training and after that, Jintsu and Kan took turns to train Fubuki which resulted her to be very exhausted.

Mutsuki suspected something is wrong and confronted the three sisters. They explained that Nagato want their team to prepare for the upcoming battle and need to train Fubuki into shape. They want to explain to her the truth but saw Fubuki preparing herself for training. Everyone decided to help her out and soon, Fubuki passed the training exercise. Nagato spotted them and informed to prepare for battle soon...

This episode is the calm before the storm as we see how the Kan Musumes trained on a daily basics. Fubuki has problems in combat but thanks to the "power of friendship," she has gotten better and Nagato allowed her to part of the upcoming assault. We also see how the girls repair themselves at the dock (which resemble a bathing room) and how using a bucket of "Instant Repair" will fully recover their heath. (Magic, you know?)

We also get to see some of the older girls like Ashigara who is their teacher and is being teased for not getting a boyfriend in a mixer date. Atago with her busty chests and the rumors is true about Akagi being a big eater! Overall, a relaxing episode which hopefully we get to see some actions next week. (By the way, what are those cannons things that follow Shimkaze everywhere?)

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 41: Hikaru, Jessica and Pepper went to a science gathering at a posh building while the other kids are experimenting to make some cakes which Chris suggested.

However the Celebrity 5 disguised as hotel staff and sneaked into the gathering too. They trapped everyone in the room except Hikaru and Jessica who called out Thor and Wasp. The villains called out Whiplash, the Lizard and Juggernaut and a battle begin.

The other Avengers has also arrived however Hikaru suspected something amiss. Iron Man ordered Akira to use Build Up Smash and he fired at Whiplash when suddenly Tim throw a device that absorb Iron Man's Final Repulsor. Tim revealed to them that Loki is alive in another dimension and they retreated.

The team wondered why the Celebrity 5 took the energy from Iron Man but Akira and Hikaru has hopes that their father is still alive in another dimension. At the same time, the energy from the Final Repulsor is stored in a cylinder with many more cylinders standing by. Loki and the Celebrity 5 then planned their next move...

This is not a very good episode despite Loki and the Celebrity 5 are back being the main villains. I felt that the scene with Akira, Chris and Ed was a little silly since they were using Tony's machines to bake a cake and it blew up in their faces. But it seems the villains were try to force our heroes to use their Build Up Smash powers and absorb it into cylinders which I am guessing is for Loki to escape from the trapped dimension. Next episode, the kids investigate supposedly vampires in the museum. You know who is appearing when you have a vampire problem? The Daywalker-Blade!

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Ep 2: Uzuki and Rin arrived at 346 Pro main building and they took the lift with an old man. Mio arrived late in the lift and dropped off at the 22nd floor as the other two arrived at the 30th floor.

When they arrived at the Cinderella Girls Office, Mio came between them and they were surprised by her. Takeuchi and another colleague, Senkawa who will assist the girls in future projects introduced Mio to the two girls. He told the trio they will meet the other members later but they have to proceed for training in another wing of the building.

Along the way, they met other established idols although Rin was surprised that a girl is sitting on a tree branch outside the window and waving at her. The trio then went for their dance lessons although Uzuki failed badly in her dance movements.

After the lessons, the trio decided to explore around the buildings and met several idols which both Uzuki and Mio were excited but Rin was the least interested. Later, top Idol for 346 Pro-Takagaki Kadea greeted Takeuchi and left which got Uzuki and Rin wondered did he work with her. However he claimed they are just colleagues and took them to see the rest of the members who are having a PR shoot.

They greeted the remaining members-Akagi Mirai, Anastasia, Ogata Chieri, Kanzaki Ranko, Jougsaki Rika, Tada Rina, Nitta Minami, Futaba Anzu, Maekawa Miku, Mimura Kanako and Moroboshi Kirari and they too welcome the trio. Rin recognise Rika as the girl on the tree branch and she is the younger sister of popular idol, Jougsaki Mika who also came for a photo shoot.

Rear Row- Minami, Anya, Anzu and Kirari
Third Row-Tada, Ogata, Kanako and Kanzaki
Second Row-Rin, Uzuki, Mio and Miku
Front Row-Rika and Akagi

Uzuki, Rin and Honda then went for their PR shoot but they were too nervous until the cameraman gave them a ball to play around which got them all relaxed and good shoots were taken from them. Mika later suggested to Takeuchi to have Uzuki, Rin and Mio as her backup dancers for her upcoming concert and even Takeuchi's manager (who is the old man in the lift) supported the idea. Rin was wondering if they could pull it off but both Mio and Uzuki were pumped for their stage debut...

When the girls arrived at the new office, I am reminded of 756 Pro office which is small and compact with everyone running around like chickens. I felt that 346 Pro has a larger budget and they have several wings for different facilities and Idol units which probably why the building look like a beautiful castle as stated in the episode title. Even the name of the building-Mishiro (which means Beautiful Castle) is an analog for 346 Pro.

Mio is the active girl among the three girls which is similar to Makoto's physical background. The rest of the new members look all right like Anatasia (Anya for short) who is soft spoken, Chunnibou Kanzaki Ranko (Voiced by the ever lovely Uchida Maaya), Playful Rika, Lanky Kirari and Chibi Anzu. Fourteen girls in total which is definitely one up more than 756 Pro original thirteen Idols. I am sure we will get to know them individually as the story progressed.

But for now, our three girls prepared themselves to be back up dancers for Miku which I am sure they will have to learn it the hard way for their debut. (I am aware that Rin seems uninterested at the idols they came across although Uzuki and Mio went all fangirls at some of them. I am pretty sure that Rin will get her moment to behave like the two girls but I am guessing it is something else other than Idols.)

Dog Days S3 Ep 2: Shinku and Nanami found their communicators which they used it to contact Millhiore, Leon and Becky. They also introduced Sharu to them which they were grateful for her help.

As the three search parties headed to their location, Sharu showed the Dragon Forest and the various dragon gods who protect the land and she protect the forest as a dragon priestess. When they arrived at Sharu's tree house, she explained that something evil has been sucking the life force of the land and the dragons. It also possessed the animals in the forest and turning them into demons.

Shinku and Nanami offered to help her but she declined the offer claiming it is her mission to deal the demons. Suddenly a pack of demons are attacking some animals nearby and she rushed out to save them. She fought bravely but is nearly killed when Shinku arrived to save her. (She got embarrassed by his embrace)

Becky and Couver arrived first to help followed by Gaul and Eclair's forces. After dealing with the demons, the group were happy to see Shinku and Nanami again. They set up camp underneath Sharu's tree house and relaxed for the night.

Rico and Noir spoke to Sharu about the demons and offered help. She explained again that it is her destiny to protect the evil that threaten the forest which later the two girls reported the matter to Yukikaze and Ikusa. They have already told the matter to Valarie and Adela who were at the library investigating the cause. They finally knew what is the cause of it and quickly told the three kingdoms to prepare their troops for battle. Millhiore also prepare herself for battle but believe that Shinku will save the day...

We finally get to know more about Sharu and her connection to the forest. She is basically protecting the forest and the dragon gods all her life. So when Shinku and Nanami offered their help, she declined as she felt it is her responsibility and perhaps she spend her whole life alone, she has problems accepting others for help. But in truth friendship fashion, Sharu will eventually open up to Shinku and the others and she was blushing twice when Shinku saved her. Another girl to your harem collection, Shinku. I was giggling to myself when Eclair went all tsundere after finally meeting Shinku. She refused to admit but her tail gave away her feelings.

But what is the cause of the attacks which got Valarie and Adela all worked out to get the three kingdoms to assemble their forces for battle? Even Valarie mentioned that they are going to war against the demons that will threaten the land. It must be something serious but we will have to wait till next week to find out more!

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