Monday, January 12, 2015

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 47: Love Conquers All!

Cure Lovely and the others rushed to the Red Moon to save Seiji. But he confronted them first and the girls came up with a plan to destroy the red gem on his chest.

Cure Princess, Cure Honey and Cure Fortune began to fight Seiji, hoping he will come back to his senses but he overwhelmed them with his strength. Cure Lovely was storing a giant Punching Punch and clash with Seiji's attack.

Cure Lovely managed to break his defence and punched Seiji to the Red Moon's surface. But the red gem didn't break and Red mocked Cure Lovely on her efforts. However she finally understand that it is not hatred she should be expressing to Seiji but accepting all his negative feelings too. Cure Lovely charge up her energy and she will use her words and actions to get through to Seiji.

The two of them fight again but Cure Lovely's attack was filled with love and care instead of hatred. It started to weaken Seiji but Red still continue to control him. Seiji came up with a large fireball and threw it at Cure Lovely. She channel the fireball's energy into positive energy and used Pinkie Love Shoot at him.

Cure Lovely hugged him instead of hurting him and all the positive energy surrounded them. She finally thanked Seiji for being with her all these times. He too was glad to with her and they wished for everyone they know to be happy. The red gem's energy is weaken and the girls finally used Innocent Purification to save him.

Red couldn't believe that the power of Love broke the spell. Blue and Mirage tried to convince him to let go of his hatred but he refused. Cure Lovely confronted Red and asked does he has someone he care for. He was furious at her question and released a dangerous aura at them...

I got to say that this is one of the best episodes in Happiness Charge Precure since it is all about Cure Lovely and Seiji finally pouring out their feelings. I had a feeling before this episode aired that somehow Cure Lovely will not defeat Seiji by force but rather used her love to break the spell. I think these kind of scenes has been done before in previous Precure series where communication and understanding each other is the best way to overcome hatred and this episode is no exception.

I am happy that Cure Lovely used her normal form and used her first finisher-Pinkie Love Shoot to save Seiji which goes to show that everyone should remember the basics instead of spamming Ultimate Forms. Red couldn't believe what has happened although I am wondering why Red hated Blue for so long? Furthermore Cure Lovely had to push Red's button and he is really pissed off.

We have finally arrived at the climax of the series! With two more episodes left, can the girls defeat Red or perhaps save his soul? The next episode title already spoilt us with Cure Lovely turning into Forever Lovely so yeah, the main cure get the Ultimate Form at the end. (Sigh!) See you next week for the climax!

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  1. ONly Lovely will get the ultimate form? Like Heart? Not fair for the others.