Thursday, January 8, 2015

Quick Picks: Kantai Collection Ep 1, Shinmai Maou no Testament Ep 1, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 40

Kantai Collection Ep 1: In an alternate timeline, a mysterious fleet known as the Abyssals invade the oceans of the world and Mankind's only hope lies on a group of special girls who can channel the power of the two World War battleships to combat the Abyssals-They are called Kan Musume.
A small fleet led by Shoukaku were seeking for an Abyssals' hideout which after some battles, they located the hideout and informed the command center. At the same time, Fubuki has just arrived at the same naval base and was assigned with the Third Torpedo Squad. After meeting with her new team mates-Mutsuki, Yudachi and a triple of sisters-Sendai, Jintsu and Kan, Fubuki then was shown around the naval base.
Mutsuki and Yudachi mistakenly believe that Fubuki had combat experience which she did not clarify properly. She also met the aircraft carrier aces-Akagi and Kaga and Fubuki immediately admired Akagi. Secretary of the all squadrons-Nagato and her second in command, Mutsu sortie the teams to attack the newly discovered Abyssals' hideout.
Fubuki sortie with her team and they discovered she has no combat experience. But they were soon attacked by the Abyssals and Fubuki is forced to fight back. She nearly got herself killed when Akagi and her team arrived to save them. Together with Kongo's team, they managed to defeat the Abyssals' Commander and drove them away.
Later, Fubuki was upset of her first mission but the "Admiral" appeared and gave some words of encouragement. She rushed back to her dorm and told her team mates that she will work hard to become part of Akagi's escort team...
As I said before in my preview, it is basically Strike Witches but in the ocean. Fubuki is the newbie like Yoshikawa and like her, she is thrust into her maiden battle with no experience whatsoever. Although I wonder how does the navy recruit girls to become Kan Musume?
For me who only heard the actual online game from friends and looking up some information online, I wasn't really too particular of who is appearing in the first episode. The amount of cameos appearing could form a drinking game but the girls so far are pretty all right especially the older girls like Akagi, Nagato and Shoukaku who are beauties of their own turf. (Which is why Akagi is on my blog's banner now)
The combat scenes were a little bit off which I am guessing the animators are using the same program similar to Strike Witches where certain action scenes is totally CG and when the characters are stationary, it is back to traditional graphics. Overall, the first episode was enjoyable that I watched it four times and the "Admiral" in the show is suppose to be the nameless player who gave words of encouragement. So in another words, get ready for some yuri overtones in future episodes. (Hehehe!)
Shinmai Maou no Testament Ep 1: Basara's father told him that he is getting two stepsisters, Mio and Maria since his father is getting remarried. After some misunderstandings like entering the toilet while Mio is inside, falling onto her in the morning and helping Mio to get away from some strangers. Thing were going well until Basara's father left the country and Mio and Maria were revealed to be demons and Mio is the future demon king.
However Basara is actually a Yuusha (A demon slayer) and instead drove them out instead. He called his father and learned tha Mio is being targeted by other demons as her biological demon father (the former demon king) were murdered by his enemies. Basara decided to find her and save her from some demons. He then declared that he is here to bring his "new family" back home.. 
I read the manga before hand so I wasn't that surprised by the turn of the events. Both Basara and his father were former Yuusha who left their village five years ago due to something tragic happened and is living a normal life. But his father play along with Mio and Maria's charade and bring them to the family. I am guessing his father know more since he knew Mio's demon father who make a truce to end the wars between humans and demons.
At least we have a capable male lead who is not waiting for the girls to save him (Instead he save Mio twice in this episode) However the white light is blocking the good parts which is a bit of a bother so if you really want to watch this show, wait for an uncensored version or buy the Blu-Ray when it is out.
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 40: It is basically a recap episode however Tim and his cronies found a sphere that Loki is communicating with them. He gave them the Bio Code powers and told them to attack the Avengers. At the same time, Thor and Hikaru are remembering what has been going so far from Red Skull's attacks till Age of Ultron. The last scene was funny as Loki did not want to know more of Deadpool whom he find him a nuisance. Next episode, Tim and his cronies set a trap for the Avengers and the return of the Unstoppable Juggernaut!

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