Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Crystal Ep 12: Sacrifice

Sailor Moon could not believe that Mamoru has become Beryl's follower and tried to wake him up. Mamoru attacked her but Sailor Jupiter arrived and everyone were teleported to another dimension thanks to Sailor Mercury.
Beryl attacked them and claimed she will make Mamoru the ruler of Earth and live by his side. Sailor Venus finally recalled that Beryl was the one behind the attack on the Moon Kingdom and influencing the humans to attack the Moon. Sailor Venus called out the Holy Sword and they broke free from Beryl.
Sailor Moon used the sword and with Sailor Mercury pointing Beryl's necklace as her weakness, she tried to destroy it but her strength is not enough. Suddenly her emotions reacted the Silver Crystal and amplify the sword. It finally destroyed the necklace and Beryl died. The sword also revelaed wordings which claimed once the Silver Crystal is completed, the great power of the Moon will appeared.
Queen Metaria who still have control of Mamoru and ordered him to take the sword. Sailor Moon chased after him and they ended in the enemy's realm. She tried to talk sense to Mamoru but to no avail. Meanwhile the Sailor scouts have arrived at the entrance of the enemy's realm but have to battle the Four Dark Kings.
The Sailor Scouts tried to make the Four Dark Kings remember who they really are while Sailor Moon heard Luna's voice and explained that a piece of the Silver Crystal is inside Mamoru and once it is out, the Crystal could be completed. At the same time, the Sailor Scouts combine their powers and finally awaken the Four Dark Kings' memories.
This anger Queen Metaria and she killed the Four Dark Kings. The Sailor Scouts were shocked by their demise but their spirits told them to fight on and protect Sailor Moon and Mamoru. Sailor Moon finally showed Mamoru the stopwatch which he hesitated but Queen Metaria still has her grip on him. 
Sailor Moon then remember the Queen's message of how her emotions will react to the Silver Crystal. She then slashed Mamoru with the Holy Sword and kiss him before turning the sword on herself...
In the original series, the four Sailor Scouts battled the Four Dark Kings one by one before they all fall. However the Four Dark Kings were killed by Queen Metaria after remembering who they are. Beryl was also a tragic character as her love for Mamoru was unrequited and Queen Metaria used her weakness to destroy everyone in the past.
But now Sailor Moon did the ultimate sacrifice to save Mamoru and I find it a bit odd that no blood was shown when Sailor Moon slashed him and stabbed herself. Maybe Toei want to keep it more Shoujo as if it is done Shounen style, you can see blood everywhere and the deaths will be more gruesome. But Beryl turning to dust and the Four Dark Kings vapourised is pretty bad too.
With Sailor Moon down and looking at the next episode trailer, the Sailor Scouts used all their powers to fight Queen Metaria and failed. As the end of the world is near, can a miracle appear to restore everything? Find out in the finale of the first arc next month! 


  1. While I liked the episode I have a few gripes.

    1) Why was Sailor Moon the one to defeat Queen Beryl with the sword? Didn't the Queen bequeath it to the Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter? I mean they were the ones to pull it out of the stone. If anything I would have preferred Venus to do it, and if need be she couldn't gotten assistance from Sailor Moon when her feelings towards Mamoru overwhelmed her.

    2) The fight between the Senshi and the Shitennou, I liked it but wished there was more about their pasts together. More them trying to remember them, rather then their duty to Serena and Mamoru. I'm hoping the Shitennou come back.

    I can't wait for the next episode to see what happens next.

  2. This episode IMO is one of the worst episodes in Sailor Moon history. I don't think I need to explain why, a lot of fans complained about it and explained why.