Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 45: The Worst Night Before Christmas Part 1

It is Christmas Eve and Megumi and Iona went to pick up Hime at her house. They were planning to go to Yuko's restaurant to help up and while waiting, Megumi told Blue and Mirage about her encounter of the red Saiark and the mysterious voice that taunted her.
Blue and Mirage do not know who it was and Hime insisted of going to Yuko's place now. When they arrived together with Seiji, Yuko asked them to help in the selling of their special fried chicken set and they sold out everything before lunch.
After lunch, the girls exchanged presents and everyone got a scaft. Even Seiji got a scaft as a present from Megumi and he thanked her for it. After the girls did some makeup, they went to enjoy the town's Christmas decorations. Yuko suggest to get presents for Blue and the others with the shopping vouchers she got from her mother.
They started to shop around to look for gifts. (Fancy spectacles for Ribbon and Glasses and a cap for FanFan) Hime even thinking of buying a matching pair of cups for Blue and Mirage however it was too expensive. Seiji asked Megumi to come out of the shop and he gave her his present which was a ladybird brooch.
Suddenly a red Saiark appeared in the town and Megumi went with the others to fight. Deep Mirror appeared in front of Seiji and inserted a red crystal into his body. The girls went to battle as Blue, Mirage and the mascots also arrived at the scene.
The Saiark was giving them problems but they used Innocent Form and Innocent Purification to defeat it. After the battle, Mirage could sense an evil presence and Deep Mirror appeared in front of them. Blue recognise him as Red and he too is also a god. Red claimed he hated for everything Blue believe in and revealed his secret weapon-a brainwashed Seiji who has become his Dark Prince...

So Deep Mirror's real name is Red and he too is also a god like Blue. I am thinking they might be "brothers" as they have complete opposite personalities but similar in many ways. Seiji turning into a Dark Prince is expected since the trailer last week already ruined it but the way he got turned is not what I expected.

I was expecting like Megumi showing affection to Blue and Seiji got jealous resulting in Red turning him evil. But instead, Red just inserted a red crystal into his body and he turned evil. A bit anti dramatic in my opinion.

Overall, the Christmas episode was average but I like the shopping scene when the girls was thinking what to get for Blue and the others. I like Yuko's idea of buying a cap for FanFan which I am thinking why didn't FanFan transform to human form and hang out with Yuko. I am pretty sure it will be very sweet. (Who want to see Yuko and FanFan make out on Christmas Eve?)

Even Hime was envious of the numbers of couples during Christmas Eve when they were looking at the Christmas decorations. Megumi has Seiji, Yuko has FanFan, Iona has Yuya and Hime is one?!
Next episode, it is the girls taking on Dark Prince Seiji on Christmas Eve! Can Cure Lovely able to wake him to his senses? Find out the conclusion of this long Christmas Eve Night next week!

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  1. Seriously if Red was able to do this, why didn't he do this to Iona and Hime?