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Quick Picks: Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls Ep 12-13 FINAL, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 39, Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 13 FINAL

Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls Ep 12-13 FINAL: Center Sensei gave the girls their final test but before he could continue, a black Center Sensei hacked the system and took all but one medal from the girls.
He taunted the girls to enter the system and fight their way through. They entered the system and fought all the games they play throughout the whole school term. Finally they arrived at a Space Harrier Arcade machine and Sega Saturn had to use her last medal to start the game. She entered the game while the others controlled her by joystick.
They spotted the Black Center Sensei and with a sheer luck, they hit his weak spot and he falled. However it was all a test done by the real Center Sensei to see their full potential. He gave them back the medals but Saturn was short of three medals. Mega Drive want to give her extra medal to her but Dreamcast refused claiming they will have to leave school once they graduated and can't be together anymore.
After much persuasion, Dreamcast finally gave in and they all graduated. Center Sensei finally explained what their aim is actually-The school is actually a virtual world created by the creators of Sega and the girls will used their knowledge and "hardware" for people around the world to enjoy their games.
Mega Drive was the first to leave and bid farewell as she become a real Mega Drive console. Sega Saturn was next and she too became a real Sega Saturn console. Dreamcast was upset that everyone was gone but then Sonic appeared with everyone they encountered throughout the school term and wished her well. She was grateful and became a real Dreamcast console. Later in the real world, a father bought a Dreamcast console for his son and explained about the enjoyment of a Mega Drive and Sega Saturn console...
Final thoughts: I watch this show in the beginning not knowing what is it about but after the first episode, a sense of nostalgic came back to me from my childhood days. I grew during the console wars years and seeing all theses games references make me laugh and cheer my childhood days. Of course, the games were slightly changed for the show but I love how they used the actual game graphics and merged nicely with our three main characters. They even had guest characters coming from other games which was both weird and funny.
Our three main girls represent the different era of Sega games. Mega Drive represented the true beginning for Sega Games to shine with it's 16 bit processor. Sega Saturn represented the CD Rom era and the beginning of more advance games and Dreamcast which is the last console Sega did represent the future of Sega Games and how much potential it could have if it continue to last. Overall, I really enjoyed the whole series. The only grips is it is ten minutes per episode and we never get to see the rest of the Sega girls like Game Gear, Genesis and Sega Master System. Anyway, a nice trip of nostalgic at the end!
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 39: Giant Man held Marie Hill's transport as he demanded to be left alone. Iron Man tried to talk him out of it but he refused to listen. Suddenly the house which Jessica and Wasp in started to collapse and Giant Man rushed to save them.
He finally gave up and was sent to the hospital for treatment. Nick Fury also "blackmail" the council in order for them to call off the arrest of Hank Pym. Suddenly Ultron now called Omega Ultron appeared in the city and four more of his giant self appeared in major cities.
Ultron demanded for their surrender which the Avengers refused. Nick Fury ordered Black Widow to get Hank Pym as he is the only person who know how to take him down. Hank started creating an anti-virus program to destroy Ultron but he could not focus properly. The Avengers took turns to hold Omega Ultron at bay and after some words from Nick Fury, Hank finally complete the program.
Hulk used his Build up power to smash a hold onto Omega Ultron as Wasp carried the program and is preparing to enter him. But Omega Ultron spotted her and tried to attack her. Suddenly Giant Man reappeared and hold Omega Ultron enough for Wasp to activate the program. Ultron was finally defeated and the rest of his robots also fell.
Giant Man was weakened after using his powers and Akira had no choice but to seal him up in a disk in order to heal his wounds. Later Giant Man created Jocasta as a replacement but serve as a domestic robot rather than a crazed AI...
So the Age of Ultron is over and it was a bit disappointed since it took a program to shut Ultron down rather than all out attacks. But that how Ultron could only be beaten in the comics and television. It is also serve as a closure for Hank as he have one final act of heroism before being sealed in a disk. Although I am curious why he created Jocasta as in the comics, Ultron created her in order to become his bride and using Wasp's brain waves for her personality. Anyway, we are now at our final arc as Loki is back (Sort of) and bestow Tim and his gang their Biocode powers...
Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 13 FINAL: Kanie watched a promo video for their park created by Toriken however it lack the impact for customers to come to the park. Kanie then ordered Isuzu to take charge of the video together with Toriken.
They asked everyone from Moffle to the moles. Everyone giving all sort of ideas and videos for Toriken to put in the video. Eventually, the whole video was a total disaster and Kanie instead used the original promo video for the park.
Everyone went to watch the promo video but were unimpressed when Toriken told Kanie that he uploaded the "weird" version of their video online and oddly enough, it was well received...
So this last episode is really a filler episode and in my opinion should have been somewhere in the middle of the series and the previous episode last week should be the finale. Although it was funny for everyone coming up with ideas and videos that the whole video became totally mind wrecking. Furthermore, people online actually like the crazy video more than the original video which Kanie really couldn't understand why...
Final Thoughts: As this is the final episode and my last quick pick review for 2014, I was disappointed for this final episode but overall, I really enjoy this show. Given that it was done by the author of Full Metal Panic (which I hope they will finish the rest of the series in animated form) we have a self centered male lead, a monotone but yet sweet female lead, a loveable princess, three crazy mascots and a whole bunch of wacky characters.
Oddly enough, the original novel which is based is slightly different as Kanie have two weeks to save the park and Latifa is blind in the novels. But they extend the deadline in the series for three months (Equal to one full cour) and introduce characters which only appear later in the novel. Kanie is self absorbed but it is due to his past that caused him to be arrogant. Although he act tough and cool to everyone but deep down, he just want people to know him as himself rather the child actor he once was.
Isuzu is this season's best heroine in my opinion. She might have a deep pan voice but there are times where she actually show concern to Latifa and Kanie. Some might even called her a female version of Sagara Sousuke of FMP but at least she didn't went overboard like he does. I wish that she and Kanie actually develop their relationship more but you can tell the way they look at each other, it is obvious something is brewing between them. Latifa was a bit disappointed as we only know her back story quite late and why she believe Kanie will save the park is a bit far fetched.  
Moffle, Marcon and Tiarmi never failed to put a smile on me every time they appeared on screen. The rest of the characters were all right as everyone has their moment to shine on. So what happened now? We all know that Kurisu is the wizard responsible for Latifa's curse and he escaped. Will we see him again and what crazy adventures will Kanie and company be in next time? Until a second season is announce, we said goodbye to Amagi Brilliant Park as they headed 2015 with a bang!

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